Support Plans

Training and Coaching Support for Practical Improvement Projects

Adults learn best through practical application.  That is why our training and coaching support plans incorporate practical projects as a vehicle to develop the capabilities of improvement leaders including:

  • CI Managers and change agents.
  • Planners.
  • Front Line Leaders.
  • Support personnel.
  • Improvement and Project teams.
  • Functional Heads, Senior managers and Project sponsors   

Our support plans provide flexible and timely training and coaching input to guide the application of improvement projects. Each plan is designed to meet the needs of the project challenge and the capabilities of those involved.

Typically, that involves one or more 3 month 90 day improvement cycles to support practical projects such as:-

  • Taming Technology: Reliability improvement
    • Asset Care
    • Maintenance Planning
    • Skill Development
  • Ratchet Up Performance: Performance Management
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • Problem Prevention
    • Front line leadership
  • Better Projects Faster: Delivering flawless operation from day 1.
    • Project Governance and Factory Readiness
    • Planning, Organisation and Control
    • Design, Specification and Delivery

Each support plan cycle is developed to meet the needs of a 3 month/90 day improvement cycle such as that set out below covering:

  1. Awareness and training in basic concepts together with an assessment of current status and relevance of improvement ideas so that the outputs include prioritisation and targeting to apply lessons learned.
  2. Training and coaching around implementation issues including analysis, refining/testing ideas, tracking progress and feedback at the end of the 90 day cycle.
  3. Coaching and guidance to standardise, lock in the gains and transfer lessons learned.

support plan modules

The improvement cycle programme includes support for improvement leaders as they deal with real world issues and outputs from the practical projects by providing

  • Coaching and Mentoring to facilitate engagement and manage improvement activities as part of the routine.
  • Programme Leadership Guidance using the improvement road map benchmarks to surface weaknesses, raise standards and accelerate the pace of improvement.

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Support to Find Answers That Matter

A characteristic of respected and award winning organisations is a clear business direction that drives the search for answers that matter.  The outcome is an organisation with a deeper understanding of how to do better and a culture that builds the capabilities that the business needs to succeed.  Unfortunately, it is all too easy to become entrenched in meeting the short term challenges of business as usual. 

Our experience of working with industry leaders has been used to create a simple but effective diagnostic framework to capture the current reality, align priorities and enhance the 4 management processes that underpin the search for answers that matter. 

They are:

Support for Taming Technology

Few of the problems which impact on Reliability can be resolved by purely technical improvements.

The challenging but achievable goal of Zero Breakdowns requires as much attention to collaboration, problem ownership and learning as it does to the use of analysis tools and techniques.  Not something that can be taught in the classroom. 

Our support plans provide training and coaching for improvement teams and their leaders using practical projects to develop in house capability to:

Support to Ratchet Up Performance

Research into the improvement journey of well respected and award winning organisations reveals how they approached a range of predictable challenges on the way from reactive to proactive to industry leading capabilities.

Only around 1% of organisations that start that journey achieve success.   The most common barriers are to be found in daily management routines that become entrenched in the “here and now” ignoring problems that cannot be resolved quickly.  As a result, underpinning weaknesses are never dealt with and gains made are frequently lost.

Our support plans provide training and coaching for improvement teams and their leaders using practical projects to develop in house capability to:

Support to Deliver Better Project Results

Traditional project management routines alone are not enough to deliver project success.  Project Leadership and Judgement are needed to deal with decisions about technology or processes which are new to your organisation.  Facilitation and coaching are also needed to recognise and resolve knowledge gaps, refine Engineering Standards or integrate existing and new work processes so that they are easy to do right, difficult to do wrong and simple to learn.  These factors account for more than 50% of the recipe for success but are specifically excluded from the scope of traditional project management concepts such as Prince 2.

Support to Embrace Advanced Technology

Digital CI (Continuous Improvement) is based on the practices of organisations who have achieved step up gains from the delivery of advanced technology.

It provides a road map to systematically "Close the Loop" between the physical and digital worlds to remove legacy barriers to best practice and speed up decision making.

The Digital CI process expands the scope of Operational Excellence tools like Lean and TPM to include the selection and use of data, analysis and model development to drive digital twin notifications and real time work control processes. 

Early Equipment Management

Most managers have had experience of projects which failed to deliver their promise or where costs escalated far beyond their original estimate. Research shows that root causes are most frequently traced back to the early project stages. This newsletter explains how Early Equipment Management deals with potential project risks and supports the delivery of enhanced project value, on time, on budget.

Lean and Green

The application of Lean thinking to support delivery of Green/Environmental and Net Zero goals is covered below including:

  • Interviews with Operational Executives from leading European Manufacturers about their approach to Green/Environmental improvement.
  • How a Lean approach to the Green agenda improved the payback on environmental projects to around 5 times that of traditional technology led approaches.
  • Our "Lean is Green" training workshop led by Neil Trivedi
  • A review of a successful 3 year Lean Green implementation in a book co-authored by Neil
  • An analysis of the financial gains made by organisations with proactive eco improvement agenda's.
  • The link between OEE improvement and reduced energy usage.