Reliability Basics for Manufacturing Leaders
Dates: 16th November 2021
Location: 2 Hour Live On Line
Cost: £100 plus VAT

This short 2 hour on-line awareness workshop provides an insight into how award winning and well respected organisations create the foundations for reliable, stable operations.

Much of the academic literature around reliability focusses on failure curves yet the majority of calls for immediate maintenance support are not to respond to failed components. Most unplanned interventions are in response to issues such as jams, blockages, electrical trips or a build up of contamination. In between calls to maintenance, that also soaks up a significant amount of operator time. It is not uncommon for the Mean Time Between Intervention (MTBI) for a production line to be measured in minutes. The role of operators on these lines is far from value adding.

By comparison, leading organisations have mean time between intervention measured in hours if not shifts.

They have learned that the delivery of high levels of reliability depends on more than technical expertise. As important is the way in which the leadership agenda drives front line production and maintenance behaviours.

Based on an analysis of over 500 production line running years of data, around 85% of the causes of breakdowns concerns a mindset that accepts poor equipment condition standards, knowledge gaps and weaknesses relating to difficult to do or complex work routines.

Without the right leadership agenda, traditional pressures on outputs can result in unintended consequences where there is no time to deal with the root causes of unplanned downtime even when they are understood.

At a time when skilled engineering and production personnel are hard to find and hold on to, this is madness.