Manufacturing Project Management Training
  • Dates: 3 day training workshop
  • Location: In Company Course
  • Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

Successful delivery of Manufacturing Projects depends as much on engaging stakeholders with new thinking and knowledge capture as it does on classic project management tools.

This course covers how to do that to produce winning specifications and the realistic and achievable plans to deliver them.

Learn how to avoid common manufacturing project pitfalls, deliver better value and achieve higher return on investment.  Be able to develop a robust project management skill set.

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  • Overview

    Unlike generic Project Management processes created to manage contractual arrangements, this course is designed to meet the needs of Manufacturing Project Management. That involves projects where success depends on using tools to tap into internal tacit knowledge, facilitate decision making, coordinate the part time involvement of internal resources and engage people with changing ways of working.

    That includes projects generated by Focused Improvement, new product introduction, Kaizen activities, layout changes, maintenance shut downs, capital projects, IT system implementations or changes to business processes.

    These are projects where in addition to traditional planning, organisation and control of tasks, the project manager needs to guide and coordinate those in project and operational roles as the project progresses through the stages of design, development and delivery.

    Nowhere is that more important than with Industry 4.0 projects which involves steps to
    1. Develop "Use Case" concepts to match digital solutions to operational pain points
    2. Implement successful use cases on a pilot basis to prove the approach and develop policy guidelines to support the transfer of the approach at scale to other parts of the organisation
    3. Transfer the successful pilot approach to other parts of the organisation.

    Course content includes a mix of theory, case studies and practical exercises to provide experience of applying Project Management Processes that

    • Facilitate cross functional collaboration and engagement of those involved in today's operations with the future success of the project to deliver buy in and support for change
    • Encourage knowledge sharing, timely release of resources and effective decision making to deliver better solutions
    • Coordinate the transition from "current to new" in a way that minimises the impact on customer service levels and delivers faster operational gains.

    Course learning goals are to:

    • Understand practical project management principles and techniques
    • Know how to take a structured approach to project definition, justification and delivery
    • Learn how to lead and guide project teams in a way that supports user engagement
    • Be able to manage activities throughout the project life cycle from concept to delivery of beneficial operation.

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