DAK Academy Charter

Welcome to our web site of courses for those tasked with the challenge of improving manufacturing performance.

DAK courses are designed to support the transfer of new ideas back to the workplace using practical workplace learning projects. Workplace learning projects provide immediate feedback which helps to surface barriers (real and imagined) overcome problems, refine ideas and progress them further.

Each course content includes activities to develop personal 90 day action plans to apply this “workplace learning” approach so that those impacted by the change have the opportunity to understand the benefits first hand, reflect on the changes needed and learn how to adopt the new approach into their work routines.

A typical workplace learning project passes through 3 measurable quality milestones:

  • The first milestone is achieved when the potential improvement areas are identified, prioritised and improvement tactics are defined;
  • The second milestone is passed after the improvement team has been mobilised and they are tracking the impact of their programme;
  • The final milestone is achieved when sustained improvement has been delivered and formal recognition can be made of their success.

 Workplace Learning RH 2 spaces our approach