Developing Skills to Deliver Zero Breakdowns

This support plan is designed to provide training and coaching support for those meeting the challenge of delivering zero breakdowns. 

The training and coaching content provides a blend of Lean and TPM toolsets selected to develop internal capabilities using two business led support modules.  These are:

  1. Breaking out of Reactive Maintenance
  2. Scaling up for growth. (to lock in the gains)

The precise programme will be developed to build on existing good practices and internal improvement capabilities.

Click on the above links for mode details of the conent of each module.

This includes guidance with the application of best practice to troublesome or critical assets to surface barriers/gaps to progress, deal with them and raise capabilities to:

  • Improve Reliability and Effectiveness
  • Engage front line teams with delivery of business goals
  • Deal with knowledge and skill gaps
  • Establish cross functional best practices 
  • Remove problem hot spots
  • Reduce waste and increase capacity

As a result, in addition to business gains, the deliverables include experience of using cross functional team based workplace learning projects that engage production, engineering and support personnel with a shared improvement agenda.  

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