Support for Taming Technology

Few of the problems which impact on Reliability can be resolved by purely technical improvements.

The challenging but achievable goal of Zero Breakdowns requires as much attention to collaboration, problem ownership and learning as it does to the use of analysis tools and techniques.  Not something that can be taught in the classroom. 

Our support plans provide training and coaching for improvement teams and their leaders using practical projects to develop in house capability to:

  • Diagnose gaps and barriers that constrain progress
  • Systematically improve Reliability and Effectiveness
  • Engage front line teams with delivery of business goals
  • Analyse production assets to develop a deeper understanding of correct operation and asset care
  • Deal with knowledge and skill gaps
  • Develop and disseminate best practice across functional boundaries.
  • Assure learning and compliance processes
  • Identify and prioritise problem hot spots
  • Enhance and improve the use of underpinning systems
  • Reduce waste and increase capacity

That also provides improvement leaders with a template for practical, cross functional team based projects that engage production, engineering and support personnel with a shared improvement agenda.  An approach that makes every day a learning day

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