Leading Proactive Improvement

Research into why some organisations succeed whilst other fail when applying Lean and TPM reveals the importance of Leaders investing time in removing barriers to future performance gains whilst simultaneously managing the challenges of day to day issues as they arise. 

Those that do this well use the improvement activities to both improve performance and shape conversations that reinforce a culture of improvement pull. 

This is a journey not a destination.  Success depends on maintaining a creative pressure for change.  Something that the LeanTPM Roadmap with its goal of continuous improvement in OEE was developed to support.  

  • Overview

    The importance of getting the balance right between the focus on technical improvement and people development is illustrated by the words of this CI manager after their programme began to deliver outstanding performance.   

    "In the beginning of the improvement journey, one of our top Production Managers thought, that 90 % of the reasons for ineffective use of the machinery was due to short term technical problems. Today he recognises that time invested in developing people to prevent problems is the route to high performance."  


    The Lean TPM road map, based on the practices of well respected and award winning organisations, guides the simultaneous development of senior management, front line leaders and front line teams to establish:

    • A proactive improvement culture that drives significant year on year performance gains.
    • Engagement with delivery of business improvement goals.
    • Competency to apply the right blend of Lean and TPM tools to meet the challenge of each phase of the journey to industry leading performance.


    At the heart of that winning approach is a Leadership commitment to

    • Deliver improvement pull by engaging the workforce with improvement as part of the daily routine,
    • Rather than top down driven initiative push by management edict.
    • The outcome is a work environment where people engage every day in removing waste and hidden losses by improving the effectiveness of working methods. 

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