Front Line Skill Development
  • Dates: 2 day course
  • Location: In company
  • Cost: £3000 up to 10 Delegates

In Manufacturing and Process plants, the most common causes of lost performance and wasted effort are front line skill and knowledge gaps.

Although this is often seen as a problem for trainers to deal with, the causes of the problem include the way in which tasks are defined, how standards are set and the how skill levels are categorised. 

Effective skill development involves feedback from trainers and collaboration with those involved in setting standards and defining skill levels to enhance the pace of learning and compliance. 

The course leads delegates through training and skill development best practices to build internal capabilities to meet current and future business needs.

  • Learn about the common barriers to skill development and how to overcome them.
  • Understand how to evaluate task and team level competence.
  • Know how to create practical learning pathways to build front line team competencies.
  • Be able to Organise skill development processes that are easy to do right, difficult to do wrong and simple to learn.

Theory is reinforced with practical exercises to identify gaps and develop action plans to improve performance in areas such as:

  • Workforce flexibility and productivity,
  • Skill development timescales.
  • Compliance and Safety,
  • Release of specialist resource,
  • Capture and transfer of lessons learned. 
  • Workshop Overview

    The course content covers the four linked processes that impact on the pace and quality of front line skill development.  That includes the use of practical exercises and syndicate sessions to apply best practices to skill development process steps including:

    • Task Definition
      • Including work instruction design to accelerate learning
    • Learning Plan Design 
      • At asset and individual levels
    • Training and Compliance 
      • Including methods improvement and standardisation
    • Systemise and Sustain Routines
      • Including spaced learning and review protocols

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