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Upcoming Courses

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Implementing Lean Maintenance

  • Dates: 3 day training workshop
  • Location: In Company Course
  • Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

Enhancing Maintenance Value

Lean Manufacturing can only deliver high levels of added value when equipment, processes and tooling are in peak condition.  To do that Lean Maintenance provides the toolbox to stabilise and extend component life so that operational assets can produce higher levels of added value for longer.   That starts with the evolution of maintenance workflows to systematically reduce waste and non value adding activities, releasing time to focus on enhancing process effectiveness, resilience and flexibility.   That includes adapting work routines to take advantage of advances in technology and digitisation.

This 3-day workshop leads delegates through the theory and practices of Lean Maintenance. In addition to an explanation of how Lean theory applies to Maintenance routines, delegates work in teams to apply Lean Maintenance principles to up to 3 assets to create examples of:

  • Lean Asset Care covering preventive maintenance, inspection and servicing routines,
  • Lean Execution  covering standardisation, systemised workflows and engagement,
  • Lean Systems covering stores, performance management and CMMS.

Deliverables include the development of a bespoke Lean Maintenance route map to release maintenance resource and improve asset effectiveness.

Maintenance leadership of the above processes within a Lean, TPM or Six Sigma programme has been shown to increase annualised gains by as much as 50%.

  • Overview

    This workshop provides a step by step guide to Lean Maintenance practices capable of delivering high levels of reliability and of releasing the value adding capability of the maintenance function to:

    • Systematically reduce recurring breakdowns and increase equipment effectiveness.
    • Increase machine reliability, optimise maintenance schedules and release maintainer resource to undertake value adding engineering improvements.
    • Develop maintenance skills and site preventive maintenance capability.
    • Improve data driven decision making through better use of CMMS systems and processes.
    • Establish a common continuous improvement "mind-set" across all operational functions.

    The workshop content includes an overview of improvement tactics such as TPM, RCM, CBM and Quality Maintenance and Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

    Delegates will use a comprehensive workbook containing briefing notes and supporting templates to assess current practices against Lean Maintenance benchmarks for best practice.

The TPM Levers to Advanced Technology Gains

  • Dates: As required
  • Location: On Line
  • Cost: up to 8 delegates £500

Making Sense of the Changing Landscape of Manufacturing

Technology is changing today's operating environment by linking up the physical and digital worlds to improve the way work is carried out by:

  • Highlighting the early signs of lost effectiveness,
  • Speeding up the identification of cause and effect
  • Providing rapid feedback on the application of countermeasures
  • Accelerating skill development to apply those countermeasures and confirm compliance

This half day on line working session provides delegates with a "how to guide" to multiply the gains from advanced technology by using the TPM road map to deliver year on year improvement in performance.

  • Overview

    What TPM Provides

    The goal of TPM is the never ending improvement in equipment effectiveness through front line improvement teams.  To achieve that the teams need the guidance of leaders (Pillar Champions) who have a clear view of what they want to achieve and a road map for getting there.

    This road map guides the development of capabilities to get organised, take control and get better.  

    Completion of each step on this road map releases time to improve skills and work routines to progress towards zero breakdowns and then transition towards no touch production. 

    The outcome of the TPM road map is the engagement of all levels in delivering year on year improvement in bottom line benefits.

    Where Digitsation Fits in

    The real gains from advanced technology are achieved by tapping into the enhanced connectivity it provides to change how people work together. 

    The connection between the physical and digital worlds makes it easier to spot pain points and take corrective action.  Get this right and the joined up digital ecosystem makes it easier for people to deliver higher levels of added value.   

    This is a journey not a destination.  One that builds the capability of the current workforce to use the new ecosystem and encourage their curiosity about what can be achieved with it.  

    The steps of this journey mirror that of the TPM road map.  A stepwise approach developed over 50 years to deliver the full potential of technology. 

    Unfortunately, those who know what technology can deliver are not always familiar with the powerful  TPM focussed improvement toolsets.  Similarly, those familiar with TPM are not always aware of how technology can accelerate progress towards industry leading performance. 

    This course raises awareness of both of these essential partners in delivering the gains from advanced technology.  The course also includes a self assessment diagnostic to identify how to smooth the way for the creation of a new ecosystem that will thrive in the rapidly evolving future technology landscape. 

TPM Best Practice Implementation

  • Dates: 3 day training workshop
  • Location: In house
  • Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

The missing link to Industry Leading Performance 

This course sets out how to implement TPM principles and techniques to build on existing good practices and release the full potential of your people, procedures and work processes.

Turn theory into practice during the workshop by applying theory to assets on the factory floor using a comprehensive workbook to identify practical improvement ideas for live production assets.

  • Learn how to apply TPM principles and techniques to release the full potential of your people, plant and procedures.
  • Understand the TPM road map to zero breakdowns and no touch production.
  • Know how to engage those who use and look after equipment and processes with a common goal to improve effectiveness.
  •  Be able to convert the lessons learned into a bespoke TPM implementation programme for your organisation.
  • Overview

    The workshop begins with an introduction to TPM combining theory, exercises and case studies examples.  That develops awareness of foundation TPM principles and techniques and how they work together to provide a route map to zero breakdowns and beyond.

    Delegates then work in teams to apply those lessons to selected shop floor assets. Through this they learn how to systematically eliminate the causes of unplanned outages and develop practical tactics to deliver the full potential of the asset under review. 

    Where appropriate, this can include the use of TPM Digital toolsets such as micro planning, skill matching, dynamic scheduling and digital twin OEE glide path management.

    Practical activities are guided using a structured TPM workbook.  With the support of the course leader they use the mini projects to develop examples of each step.  That provides delegates with a set of tools that they can use to apply lessons learned to other assets after the course.

    Delegates also use the practical examples generated to learn how to design their own TPM implementation programmes.  That includes how to set and apply team based coaching standards to engage and support the development of front line teams and team leaders.

    Outputs include the creation of a practical longer term vision of what TPM can achieve, 12 month programme goals and 90 day TPM mobilisation plans.

    Participants are provided with a blank electronic copy of the workbook so that they can use it to apply the lessons learned to equipment back in the workplace. Participants are also provided with electronic copies of general awareness presentation material that they can use to raise awareness of TPM principles and techniques.


Programme Support Pathways

Our support pathways provide Leadership and Improvement Teams with a route map to deliver year on year performance gains. 
These pathways, developed from our experience of working with well respected and award winning organisations, provide internal training and coaching
to surface gaps, overcome barriers to progress, refine ideas and apply new thinking to real world situations.

arrow direction setting

Create LeanTPM Centres of Excellence 

LeanTPM unites these two world-class manufacturing toolsets to create Centres of Excellence where improvement is part of the day to day routine.   The TPM road map guides the asset improvement journey, Lean thinking drives up process added value. as set out in our book LeanTPM a blueprint for change.

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Improve Reliability and Resilience

This support pathway contains courses and coaching plans to deliver the challenging but achievable TPM goal of zero breakdowns.  That includes recognition that success depends as much on developing the right outlook and leadership mindset as it does on improvement tools and techniques. This first part of the Lean TPM journey delivers both operational stability and releases specialist time to progress towards industry leading levels of performance. 

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Rachet Up Performance

This support pathway consists of training courses and coaching plans to develop the capability of front line teams and leaders to deliver continuous improvement with the emphasis on the word continuous. That includes how to lock in the gains from each level of improvement, transfer lessons learned and systematically progress towards industry leading performance.

Improvement network thumbnail

Deliver Better Project Results

Training courses and live project coaching to help project sponsors, project leaders and project teams to deliver the full potential of investments in new assets, upgrades and ways of working. 

Digital CI 2 People Engineer 400x267

Embrace Advanced Technology

Training courses and coaching to guide the selection and use of advanced technology.  That includes the creation of a bespoke digitisation roadmap and operational blueprint to release the gains from improved use of data, micro planning, material control, real time work flows, skill matching and over the shoulder support.

workplace learning

Support for Practical Improvement Projects

Find out more about how we link together training courses and coaching plans to simultaneously develop Leadership and Improvement team capabilities using live workplace learning projects to address troublesome assets or operations.

  • Get organised
  • Take control
  • Get better

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