Support Plan: Delivering Step Out Performance

The Step Out Road Map 

When Sir Alex Ferguson was asked by a reporter what his tactics were for winning and important game he replied. "Score more goals".  

Even those who are not fans of Manchester United will accept that under Alex Ferguson, United were at the top of their game and knew what it took to score more goals. 

For manufacturing and process organisations, the equivalent to knowing how to score more goals is knowing how to meet or exceed customer expectations.  To do that they need Operations that are able to adapt to the relentless upward pressure of customer expectations.

The barriers to higher levels of performance most frequently occur at the interface of functional processes. 

In this environment, the role of  Continuous Improvement is to surface and resolve these barriers to improve innovation and cross functional collaboration.  

That covers:

  • Commercial (Customer facing and Financial functions),
  • Operations (Production and Maintenance functions)
  • Technology (Intrinsic Reliability and Safety/Environmental functions)