Leader Guide: Delivering Step Out Performance

Releasing New Value from Operations

This fourth support programme develops the capability to sustain operational effectiveness whilst introducing improved products and services to set the customer agenda and deliver growth.

That can achieve step out gains where there is close collaboration between commercial, operations and technology functions. 

This close collaboration supports horizontal learning, primes the innovation pump and speeds up the conversion of value proposition ideas into higher added value products and services. 

As part of the delivery of new product and service offerings the improvement process releases new value from operations such as:

    • Increased Precision, higher material yield and lower levels of quality defects,
    • Improved flow of value and reduced customer lead times,
    • High productivity, flexibility and responsiveness to shifts in demand.

This part of the improvement journey involves Leadership transitions towards

    • Zero targets
    • No touch production
    • Flawless operation from project day one.