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That includes guidance to site resources on the topics of Taming Technology, Ratcheting Up Performance, Delivering Better Projects Faster and Digital CI.

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Finding Answers That Matter

In Manufacturing it is all too easy to become entrenched in the “here and now” resulting in a pragmatic search for solutions to short term issues as they arise.  This pragmatic response to day to day issues results in an acceptance of problems that cannot be resolved quickly. 

As a result weaknesses in underpinning management processes are never dealt with. Yet "Finding answers to these weaknesses is what matters" to those who aspire to industry leading performance.

That is well illustrated by the words of this CI manager after their programme began to deliver outstanding performance.....

Free Self Assessment CI Benchmark Report

Successful Continuous Improvement journeys pass through a number of leadership landscapes and transitions. The terrain of each landscape brings a different Leadership challenge and requires a shift in outlook, expectations/assumptions about what can be achieved and how.

Download and discuss the 10 self assessment points with colleagues to generate conversations about "Finding answers that matter" to the pace of improvement in your organisation.  

Taming Technology

The road map  industry leading performance, is a journey with 2 different challenges.   The first of these is achieving stable asset performance.  We cover the road map to achieve that under the heading of "Taming Technology for Good".     

The process of dealing with those challenges can be likened to a journey across two different terrains.  Each landscape requiring a different approach. Success in this first step depends as much on achieving a shift in outlook as it does on improvement tools and techniques but the gains are significant.

Ratcheting Up Performance

Ratcheting Up Performance covers the second part of the journey to industry leading performance.  The first part of the journey  "Taming Technology for Good" deals with the causes of recurring problems.  This means that there are fewer stoppages so this KPI can no longer be the main trigger for prioritising action. 

This transition is about raising standards to achieve a compelling vision.  This has a major impact on how data is used to set accountabilities, goals, drive decision making and measure progress.

A common goal is to extend time between intervention from minutes to hours.  In doing so, process quality improves and Overall Equipment Effectiveness continues to rise.   


Better Projects Faster

Most managers have had experience of projects which failed to deliver their promise or where costs escalated far beyond their original estimate. This theme covers the causes of common problems of project delays and overspend with the aim of providing a road map to deliver flawless operation from day 1 for new operations, new assets and upgrades.

One of the most common causes of Manufacturing Project Management failure can be traced back to the organisations approach to Performance Management. Where this is weak, in the short term it is just easier to work around problems and move on. It is a pragmatic approach but one that results in project teams weighed down by that legacy outlook.

Digital Continuous Improvement

Digital CI (Continuous Improvement) is based on the practices of well known and award winning organisations who have achieved step up gains from the delivery of advanced technology.

It sets out how they systematically "Closed the Loop" between the physical and digital worlds to remove legacy barriers to best practice and speed up decision making.

The Digital CI process expands the scope of Operational Excellence tools like Lean and TPM to include the selection and use of data, analysis and model development to drive digital twin notifications and real time work control processes.  

Preventing Project Problems

Predicting the Unpredictable: Assessing your project process. This PDF sets out common hidden project lossess when delivering new products or capital projects.

Learning Plans for Project Governance

The tables below set out learning plans for project stakeholders including users who are impacted by the project delivery, Project Sponsors and Project steering team members.

The first table covers training topics to develop a common language and shared understanding of the project management process.  In addition setting an agenda for discussion about what to do when, progress through this learning plan also guides the identification of gaps in underpinning systems and processes so that they can be refined to secure the achievement of flawless operation from day 1.   

Learning Plans for Project Leaders and Project Teams

The tables below set out learning plans for project leaders and project team members.  Contact us if you would like details of in house training or coaching support programmes in any of these areas. A guide to further project management resources can be found in our article on delivering better projects faster.

The first table covers training topics to develop capabilities to coordinate manufacturing projects from concept through to beneficial operation.  That includes the development of both personal project management and project team capabilities.  This is an important leadership role as typically more than 50% of project team members will not have formal project management training.  Hence the title of Project Leader rather than the more traditional Project  Manager.