Leader Guide: Delivering Better Projects Faster

This Leader Guide sets out training and coaching plans to develop the capabilities of those in Project Team Member, Project Leader and Project Governance roles so that they are able to deliver better projects faster.

That is achieved through practical working sessions alongside live project programmes providing timely input and guidance on how to:

  • Create superior specifications,
  • Discover latent problems early when they are cheaper to fix,
  • Manage and prevent project risks,
  • Develop the insight to deliver additional project value.
  • What Project Stakeholders Need To Learn

    Project Stakeholders without previous experience of projects need to learn how to:

    1. Develop realistic and achievable project scopes. 
    2. Collate and share knowledge about problems which may not be fully understood.
    3. Define tests to validate/commission new assets or processes which have yet to be selected.
    4. Collaborate with outside companies to assess promising solutions
    5. Establish new working relationships, challenge limiting behaviours and provide a forum for learning about novel solutions to the organisation
    6. Coach direct reports past the barriers to higher levels of performance.
    7. Develop the full potential of newly formed operational teams.

    Even where some project team members are experienced, there is value in including training in the form of working sessions at key project steps to share ideas, align priorities and identify opportunities to enhance project value added. 

    Contact us for more information about how working sessions help project stakeholders to make better choices at each project milestone

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