TPM Best Practice Leadership
  • Dates: 3 day training workshop
  • Location: In Company Course
  • Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates
  • Course Overview

    The Route Map to Zero Breakdowns and Beyond

    This is a course designed to provide Operational Leaders with a "how to guide" that positions where you are today and how to make progress towards zero breakdowns and then no touch production.

    The success of TPM is due to the recognition that few of the problems which impact on reliability can be resolved by purely technical improvements.  At the heart of this TPM glide path is a Leadership journey to systematically develop the front line team and team leader capabilities in the table below. 



    1A: Maintain basic conditions

    Able to reduce accelerated wear and set standards to sustain basic conditions

    1B: Prevent mis operation

    Able to simplify complex processes to make it easy to do right, and easy to learn

    2A/B: Enhance process control.  Reduce need for technical judgement.

    Run trials, enhance process control, upgrade visual indicators, transfer routine tasks to front line team.

    3A/B: Improve operability and maintainability

    Able to systematically reduce the number of unplanned and then planned interventions

    4A/B: Deliver new asset capabilities

    Able to target capital investment to deliver a step change precision, material yield and reduce quality defects.

    Table 1: Front line team and team leader competency development steps

    Course topics include how to develop teams through these competency levels and how to fundamentally change the work environment from reactive to proactive.  The outcomes are higher levels of effectiveness, increased capacity, flexibility and lower costs.

    As important is how to use the gains made to release time for leaders to focus on future growth and for support functions roles to step out of the policing role to one of guiding progress towards the full potential of the value adding process. .

    The course includes the use of a TPM review framework to benchmark the current status and develop a practical leadership agenda to guide progress towards first stable and then optimised operational performance.

    That includes practical processes to lock in the gains and redirect specialist and management time to make better use of their knowledge and experience.

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