Performance Management For Manufacturing Leaders
  • Dates: As Required
  • Location: On Line, In Company
  • Cost: £250 plus VAT for up to 8 delegates

This short on line awareness workshop is designed to both raise awareness and support planning to deliver the daily management best practices used by award winning and well respected organisations.  These processes are at the heart of the capability to ratchet up performance through actions to simultaneously: 

  • Build shift/area team capabilities
  • Develop insight and learning to underpin year on year improvement in effectiveness.
  • Raise operational resilience and release time to proactively adapt to changes in new products, technology and statutory legislation
  • Why attend this workshop?

    No matter how good you are today, striving to do better is an essential part of being competitive.  Despite that, over 69% of manufacturers rate their current Performance Management process as not fit for purpose.  As a result the skills to fully resolve problems and drive up performance are seldom developed.

    This short training workshop is designed to assess and refine Performance Management skill gaps.

    Learn what it takes to

    Identify and resolve performance management skill gaps

    Understand how to

    Apply performance management skills to capture lessons learned and improve practices as part of the routine

    Know how to

    Create a leadership agenda that engages front line teams with delivering year on year performance improvement

    Be able to

    Raise standards and establish work routines that are easy to do right, difficult to do wrong and easy to learn. 

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