Project Governance Gap Analysis for Manufacturing Leaders
Dates: As Required
Location: On line, In company course
Cost: £500 plus VAT (up to 8 delegates)

This 4 hour "in company" online course is designed to provide a project sponsors, project managers and project teams with an overview of Project Governance best practices and techniques and how to apply them. 

This is based on the Programme Governance approach developed to support Early Equipment Management (EEM).  A process developed by leading organisations based on the lessons learned from projects that failed to achieve their planned level of project return on investment due to unexpected but avoidable problems.     

The course is designed to provide delegates with a "how to" guide to avoid the common project pitfalls that drive down operational life cycle costs and deliver additional project value.  This includes the use of case studies, discussion break out groups and diagnostic frameworks to highlight where EEM can enhance current project delivery processes.  

The course content guides delegates through the basics of EEM best practice so that they can carry out a gap analysis comparing current practices to EEM benchmarks.  This provides an agenda for discussion to identify areas for improvement and priorities for action. Delegates also begin the process of developing forward action plans.  Based on their assessments, the course organiser will receive a report and suggested action plan from the course leader based on delegate assessments.