Ratcheting Up Performance

Ratcheting Up Performance covers the second part of the journey to industry leading performance.  The first part of the journey  "Taming Technology for Good" deals with the causes of recurring problems.  

This step concerns the use of Focussed Improvement tactics to define a realistic and achievable improvement glide path and mobilise actions to progress along it.  The gains include improved process consistency, reduced defects and energy costs.

A good place to start is a review of the daily/weekly management routine to identify the balance between effort needed to deal with today's issues compared to that invested in raising future performance.  

This will reveal the shop floor reality and level of alignment between cross functional performance improvement priorities. 

That could include the Daily Management Best Practice for Manufacturing Leaders 2 hour online working session.  This is designed to engage up to 8 internal stakeholders with an assessment of current practices and the development of practical action plans to deal with issues identified.  

The review provides the context mobilisation training workshops such as TPM Best Practice Leadership or Front Line Skill Development Best Practice.  For organisations that are more advanced this could include online First Line Leadership Development coaching or Lean Maintenance Strategy training workshops either as an in house or hotel based open course option.

One of the outcomes from these courses is the development of quarterly Workplace Learning Cycles.  This is a really useful way to make improvement a part of the daily management process.  Here is a link to a short Workplace Learning video summarising the approach.   

Alternatively, for a free benchmark report of your current improvement programme compared to that of respected and award winning organisations, why not complete our Hidden Factory diagnostic assessment.  This confidential report sets out strengths and weaknesses and recommended next steps to progress towards industry leading performance.

 Finally you may want to check out our full range of training courses designed to support organisations who are dealing with the challenge of how to Ratchet up Performance