Ratcheting Up Performance

Ratcheting Up Performance covers the second part of the journey to industry leading performance.  The first part of the journey  "Taming Technology for Good" deals with the causes of recurring problems.  This means that there are fewer stoppages so this KPI can no longer be the main trigger for prioritising action.

This transition is about raising standards to achieve a compelling vision.  This has a major impact on how data is used to set accountabilities, goals, drive decision making and measure progress.  A common goal is to extend time between intervention from minutes to hours.  In doing so, process quality improves and Overall Equipment Effectiveness continues to rise.  

The transition involves significant changes to the roles of Front Line Leaders and Maintenance Engineering.  

Workplace Learning is a really usefull vehicle to support this transition.  We have created a short video explaining how this works.   Click on the link to find out more.

You might be interested in reading LeanTPM a blueprint for change to find out more.

Also it is worth updating your self assessment diagnostic to identify the current status of your operations, gaps and priorities for action.

Finally you may want to check out our training courses designed to support organisations who are dealing with the challenge of how to Ratchet up Performance