Free Hidden Factory Benchmarking Report

Successful Continuous Improvement journeys pass through a number of transitions. For example, as unplanned downtime is systematically reduced, further progress involves a shift in outlook towards process optimisation.  That involves changes in priorities and the resetting of roles and expectations about what can be achieved and how.

The role of Leaders at each stage of the journey is to focus their team on "Finding answers that matter" to the current transition step whilst anticipating the changes needed to progress past the current level of capability. 

Our research has identified the characteristics of the transitions on the journey to industry leading performance and the leadership agenda for each.   For those of you familiar with the TPM or Lean TPM master plans, the transitions are those needed to progress through the milestones from stable to zero breakdowns to optimised operation

The research also identified how to avoid the common pitfalls that contribute to improvement programmes running out of steam.

From this research we have created an online self assessment review to benchmark the current improvement process and Find answers that matter to accelerate the pace of improvement. 

The review questions are based on the improvement journeys of over 300 case profiles.  The resulting benchmark report identifies areas of strengths and weakness and explains how to release gains that can remain hidden in traditional performance management processes.

The gains made are typically low cost or no cost, so the outcome is like releasing a hidden factory.  That is why we call this the Hidden Factory Diagnostic. 

This review takes less than 5 minutes and involves an assessment of 10 categories against 5 benchmark statements.  

Ideally, use the assessment process to engage stakeholders in discussions about gaps, barriers and next steps towards industry leading performance. 

Use the link below to access an online self assessment questionnaire.  Once completed we will send you a free, no obligation benchmark report setting out:

  • Your organisations CI status on the journey to industry leading performance;
  • Recommendations on how to accelerate the pace of improvement to the next transition step.

If you prefer, get each stakeholder to complete an assessment and then discuss the results as part of a process to reach an agreed set of priorities.   

To complete the Hidden Factory self-assessment Click here

This is completely free and confidential.  Naturally we will also be very happy to explain where we can help but we will respect your privacy if you prefer us not to make contact.