Free Self Assessment CI Benchmark Report

Successful Continuous Improvement journeys pass through a number of transitions and challenges.  Our research has identified the characteristics of each transition and the leadership agenda needed to make progress towards industry leading performance.  The research also identified how failure to make these transitions is the main reason why CI programmes run out of steam.

Download and discuss the 10 self assessment points with colleagues to generate conversations about "Finding answers that matter" to the pace of improvement in your organisation. 

To get more from the exercise, send the completed assessment to us and we will send you back a 2 page benchmark report.  The report positions your current status against benchmarks based on the progress of respected and award winning organisations on their journey to excellence.  The report also sets out recommended next steps to accelerate your progress to achieve year on year performance improvement.

This is completely free and confidential.  Naturally we will also be very happy to explain where we can help but we will respect your privacy if you prefer us not to make contact.