Support to Ratchet Up Performance

Research into the improvement journey of well respected and award winning organisations reveals how they approached a range of predictable challenges on the way from reactive to proactive to industry leading capabilities.

Only around 1% of organisations that start that journey achieve success.   The most common barriers are to be found in daily management routines that become entrenched in the “here and now” ignoring problems that cannot be resolved quickly.  As a result, underpinning weaknesses are never dealt with and gains made are frequently lost.

Our support plans provide training and coaching for improvement teams and their leaders using practical projects to develop in house capability to:

  • Diagnose gaps and barriers that constrain improvement progress
  • Identify, prioritise, track and guide delivery of improvements
  • Increase local performance ownership and engagement
  • Improve the quality of feedback and problem prevention
  • Establish improvement as part of the routine
  • Increase skills, flexibility and process resilience
  • Implement improvements and lock in the gains

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