Leaders Learning Club: Ratchet Up Performance

Ratchet Up Performance Learning Club support plans provide a structured awareness and coaching programme to develop a deep collective understanding of the issues involved in delivering year on year performance gains.  The programme content, based on the practices of well respected and award winning organisations, begins with a diagnostic of current practices against best in class benchmarks. 

That is used to align team outlook about gaps and priorities and mobilise practical projects to both deal with the gaps and raise capabilities.  This is supported by coaching plans at an individual and team level as required.

Only around 1% of organisations that start that journey achieve success. 

The Learning Club training and coaching programme guides improvement teams and their leaders using practical projects to develop their capability to:

  • Diagnose gaps and barriers that constrain improvement progress
  • Identify, prioritise, track and guide delivery of improvements
  • Increase local performance ownership and engagement
  • Improve the quality of feedback and problem prevention
  • Establish improvement as part of the routine
  • Increase skills, flexibility and process resilience
  • Implement improvements and lock in the gains

Contact us  to find out more about how a Learning Club support plan can develop in house capability to deliver year on year performance gains.