Digital Continuous Improvement

Digital CI (Continuous Improvement) is based on the practices of well known and award winning organisations who have achieved step up gains from the delivery of advanced technology.

It sets out how they systematically "Closed the Loop" between the physical and digital worlds to remove legacy barriers to best practice and speed up decision making.

The Digital CI process expands the scope of Operational Excellence tools like Lean and TPM to include the selection and use of data, analysis and model development to drive digital twin notifications and real time work control processes.  

The traditional top down approach of IT systems results in an information fog where individuals have to resort to personal work processes such as spreadsheets and work arounds to keep on top of their job.  The creation of a Digital CI Blueprint supports the evolution of open information formats where timely information is provided at the point of use.  The outcomes include shared workflows that make the job easy to do right, difficult to do wrong and simple to learn.

At the heart of this new CI landscape are improvement leaders in every employee pool.  Together with facilitators and technology specialists they find the legacy pain points and deal with them to improve productivity and added value through closer collaboration across the end to end process.

At the heart the Digital CI Blueprint is a Digital Backbone which integrates traditional IT software with Apps and Cloud based services.  This Digital Backbone delivers the gains from improved connectivity and interaction to:
1. Create slick systems that meet the complex needs of users across the organisation.
2. Allow more of the routine tasks to be handled by the front line team. That puts responsibility for the solution close to the problem.
3. Free up management and specialist time to deal with more complex problems such as meeting the challenge of new products, services and technology. Releasing them to manage the future rather than react to past results.

To find out more about how to tap into the gains from this check out our Digitsation Road Map course prospectus by clicking on the link.