Finding Answers That Matter

"Finding Answers That Matter" is an important leadership skill for business leaders that is why it is one of the themes for our regular newsletter.  The intent is to provide an insight into the practical levers that influence mindset and engagement because as every experienced leader will know, logic alone is not enough.

Research into why some organisations succeed when applying Lean and TPM tools, whilst others fail identified that mindset and management outlook are key differentiators between average and industry leading organisations

The LeanTPM process was developed to deal with that gap by incorporating processes to support a transition in management outlook from task to People Centric Leadership. As illustrated by the words of this General Manager in an international postal service provider.

"In the beginning of the Lean TPM journey, one of our top Production Managers thought, that 90 % of the reasons for ineffective use of the machinery was due to technical problems. Today he recognises that developing people to prevent problems is the route to high performance." Clear evidence of how the LeanTPM process guides the evolution of leadership mindset.

Organisations that successfully shape their culture do so through conversations about "finding answers that matter". This isn't something that is taught at business school but something that every experienced leader will recognise.

If those conversations are about short term financial issues, that will have a different impact than conversations about how to deal with the weaknesses that drive those costs. Research shows that human error due to poor work routines are at the heart of 50% of recurring problems. Another 30% or so of those problems are due to poor standard setting. These cost drivers can be easily overlooked in the heat of day to day operations.

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