Leaders Learning Club: Deliver Better Project Results

The Project Learning club support plan provides management and project teams with a structured awareness and coaching programme to develop a deep collective understanding of the issues involved in delivering better projects faster.  The programme begins with a diagnostic of current practices against best in class benchmarks.  That is used to align team outlook about gaps and priorities and mobilise practical projects to both deal with the gaps and raise capabilities.  This is supported by coaching plans at an individual and team level as required.

The Learning Club programmes are customised to meet the needs of the team involved but typically include:

  1. Technology master planning 
  2. Specification management
  3. Design and performance management 
  4. Project and risk management 
  5. Readiness plans to establish new work processes as part of the routine
  6. Delivering the glide path to flawless operation from day 1.

Five of these Six success factors are specifically excluded from the scope of traditional project management processes such as Prince 2.

Below are examples of 4 common project management pitfalls, an explanation as to why they are so common and how to avoid them.