Ratchet Up Performance

Ratchet up Performance category of training courses are for those engaged with the challenge of progressing beyond zero breakdowns to release the full potential of their people, plant and processes.  That includes the development of engineering capabilities to progress from preventing downtime to preventing defects. 

Performance Management For Manufacturing Leaders

Dates: As Required
Location: On Line, In Company
Cost: £250 plus VAT for up to 8 delegates

This short on line awareness workshop is designed to both raise awareness and support planning to deliver the daily management best practices used by award winning and well respected organisations.  These processes are at the heart of the capability to ratchet up performance through actions to simultaneously: 

  • Build shift/area team capabilities
  • Develop insight and learning to underpin year on year improvement in effectiveness.
  • Raise operational resilience and release time to proactively adapt to changes in new products, technology and statutory legislation

TPM Best Practice Leadership

Dates: 3 day training workshop
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

This is a course designed to provide Operational Leaders with a "how to guide" to build on existing good practices and progress towards zero breakdowns and then no touch production.

At the heart of this TPM glide path is the systematic development of front line team and team leader capabilities.  The outcomes are higher levels of effectiveness, increased capacity, flexibility and lower costs.  As important are the gains made by releasing Leader and Specialist time to focus on future growth.

  • Learn how to Ratchet up effectiveness as part of the daily routine
  • Understand The TPM improvement glide path and leadership role making progress along it
  • Know how to use TPM to develop cross functional high performance teamwork
  • Be able to develop a practical programme to deliver zero breakdowns and optimised asset effectiveness.

Developing First Line Leadership Skills

Dates: As Required
Location: Online, In Company (4 Session On Line Live Training Sessions)
Cost: £3000 up to 10 Delegates

First Line Leaders are at the heart of any organisations ability to deliver value to customers. They are the ones who can make an organisation run like clockwork. As customer expectations ratchet up and the pace of technology accelerates, their role is evolving.  This training workshop will provide participants with a road map to equip First Line leaders with the knowledge and skills to drive practical changes through their teams.

Front Line Skill Development

Dates: 2 day course
Location: In company
Cost: £3000 up to 10 Delegates

In Manufacturing and Process plants, the most common causes of lost performance and wasted effort are front line skill and knowledge gaps.

Although this is often seen as a problem for trainers to deal with, the causes of the problem include the way in which tasks are defined, how standards are set and the how skill levels are categorised. 

Effective skill development involves feedback from trainers and collaboration with those involved in setting standards and defining skill levels to enhance the pace of learning and compliance. 

The course leads delegates through training and skill development best practices to build internal capabilities to meet current and future business needs.

Lean Maintenance Strategy Workshop

Dates: 3 day practical training workshop
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

This 3 day training workshop sets out how to apply Lean thinking to the maintenance activity.  The course content includes a review of current practices against Lean Maintenance benchmarks to support the development of Lean Maintenance plans that build on current practices to improve maintenance workflow, skill profiles, data analysis, process optimisation and engineering project added value.

  • Learn how current maintenance practices compare with best in class maintenance standards
  • Understand where there are gaps and how that impacts on maintenance value
  • Know how to resolve those gaps and justify actions to do so
  • Be able to develop a forward programme to deliver the gains from adopting a Lean Maintenance approach.

In addition to improving workflow and extending component life, Lean Maintenance releases Maintainer value adding potential to reduce quality defects and resource usage whilst increasing capacity and flexibility to shifts in demand.  

Implementing Lean Maintenance

Dates: 3 day training workshop
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

Enhancing Maintenance Value

Lean Manufacturing can only deliver high levels of added value when equipment, processes and tooling are in peak condition.  To do that Lean Maintenance provides the toolbox to stabilise and extend component life so that operational assets can produce higher levels of added value for longer.   That starts with the evolution of maintenance workflows to systematically reduce waste and non value adding activities, releasing time to focus on enhancing process effectiveness, resilience and flexibility.   That includes adapting work routines to take advantage of advances in technology and digitisation.

This 3-day workshop leads delegates through the theory and practices of Lean Maintenance. In addition to an explanation of how Lean theory applies to Maintenance routines, delegates work in teams to apply Lean Maintenance principles to up to 3 assets to create examples of:

  • Lean Asset Care covering preventive maintenance, inspection and servicing routines,
  • Lean Execution  covering standardisation, systemised workflows and engagement,
  • Lean Systems covering stores, performance management and CMMS.

Deliverables include the development of a bespoke Lean Maintenance route map to release maintenance resource and improve asset effectiveness.

Maintenance leadership of the above processes within a Lean, TPM or Six Sigma programme has been shown to increase annualised gains by as much as 50%.

Writing Practical Maintenance Routines

Dates: 24th to 26th January 2023
Location: Newcastle
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT - 2nd delegate half price

This 3 day training workshop sets out how to create Planned Maintenance routines that are robust, quick to develop and easy to apply. 

The course content also covers setting standards to support the enhancement of current work instructions to achieve high levels of reliability and removes non value adding routines. 

That includes how to engage Engineers with proactively seeking out better ways of completing work routines as well as capturing and sharing lessons learned to enhance asset maintainability. 

Ratcheting up OEE Performance

Dates: 1 day training course
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £1500

This 1 day workshop provides a train the trainer and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) "how to" primer on reducing hidden losses and wastes. It sets out how to use OEE to drive changes in working practices and technical standards as a way of securing year on year sustained improvement in performance.

Post course support can include online coaching to support personal development goals and the application of Focused Improvement tactics.

The Lean Culture Revolution: People Centric Leadership

Dates: 1 day training course
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £1500 +VAT for up to 10 delegates

Learn how to release superior performance using People-Centric Leadership and workforce engagement.

This 90% People, 10% improvement tools approach accelerates progress through the improvement journey by creating an improvement pull. The equivalent of the firework instruction to light the blue touch paper and stand well clear. 

Understand how the Lean TPM toolbox provides a practical road map to secure the transitions that deliver and support progress towards high performance teamwork. 

Assess your organisations status on that journey and develop plans to accelerate progress towards industry leading levels of performance.

Writing Better Production Routines

Dates: 2 day course
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £3000 up to 10 Delegates

A workshop for those who want to

  • Create Operator routines that are robust, quick to develop and easy to apply,
  • Accelerate the development of operator competence and improve flexibility,
  • Highlight and deal with complex or difficult to do activities to support work simplification and standardisation,
  • Develop clear skill development paths and competency signposts,
  • Engage operators with problem prevention activities and asset care as part of the work routine.