Ratchet Up Performance

This section contains in company "live on line" awareness sessions and 2 to 3 day "how to" training courses for those meeting the challenge of improving performance and productivity.

Each course includes the use of learning plans, case studies, assessment frameworks and action planning activities to support personal development, gap analysis and the transfer of lessons learned back to the workplace.

Daily Management Process Gap Analysis For Manufacturing Leaders

Dates: As Required
Location: On Line, In Company
Cost: £250 plus VAT

This short on line awareness workshop provides an insight into how award winning and well respected organisations ratchet up performance through daily management processes that consistently achieve planned customer service levels and simultaneously: 

  • Develop insight and learning to underpin year on year improvement in effectiveness.
  • Build shift/area team capability to manage routine tasks, 
  • Raise operational resilience and release time to proactively adapt to changes in new products, technology and statutory legislation

TPM Best Practice Leadership

Dates: 24th-26th May 2022
Location: Coventry
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT - 2nd delegate half price

The Route Map to Zero Breakdowns and Beyond

This is a course designed to support those tasked with achieving the challenging but achievable TPM goal of zero breakdowns. Exercises include a structured gap analysis framework to identify strengths and barriers to Reliability. The assessment is then used to guide the development of bespoke action plans to deal with gaps and enhance existing good practices. That includes a section on the potential of cloud based digital technology to address gaps and pain points.

Learn how to stabilise and improve effectiveness as part of the daily management routine
Understand TPM principles and how to apply them
Know how to engage front line teams with systematic improvement of asset effectiveness
Be able to develop a practical programme to deliver zero breakdowns and systematic improvement in operational effectiveness. 

Lean Maintenance Strategy Workshop

Dates: 22-24 November 2022
Location: Coventry
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT - 2nd delegate half price

This 3 day training workshop sets out how the application of Lean thinking transforms the maintenance role from fixing breakdowns to releasing the full potential of operations and information technology.

Includes a desk top simulation activity plus review of current practices against best practice benchmarks to illustrate how the Lean Maintenance Road map builds on traditional maintenance practices to improve maintenance execution, process optimisation capabilities, data analysis and project management performance.

  • Learn how current maintenance practices compare with best in class maintenance standards
  • Understand where there are gaps and how that impacts on maintenance value
  • Know how to resolve those gaps and justify actions to do so
  • Be able to develop a forward programme to deliver the gains from adopting a Lean Maintenance approach.

Writing Practical Maintenance Routines

Dates: As Required
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

The routine review of work instructions is one of the key characteristics of organisations that achieve high levels of reliability. 

The review process both engages Engineers with proactively seeking out better ways of completing work routines and facilitates feedback from those on the front line. 

Learn how to create Planned Maintenance routines that are robust, quick to develop and easy to apply. Understand how to make best use of maintenance resources and improve the quality of maintainer reporting.

Be able to reduce human error risk, remove non value adding routines and raise maintainability standards.

Creating an OEE Improvement Road Map

Dates: As required
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £1500

This 1 day workshop provides a train the trainer and OEE leadership primer on developing front line team capability to reduce hidden losses and wastes. It sets out how to use OEE to drive changes in working practices and technical standards as a way of securing year on year sustained improvement in performance.

Post course support can include online coaching to support personal development goals and the application of Focused Improvement tactics.

A Blueprint for People Centric Leadership

Dates: As required
Location: In Company Course

1/2 Day Training Workshop and Gap Analysis

Learn how to release superior performance using People-Centric Leadership and workforce engagement.

Understand how the Lean TPM toolbox provides a practical road map to secure the transitions that deliver this advanced mindset. Assess your organisations status on that journey and be able to accelerate progress towards industry leading levels of performance through People Centric Leadership

Writing Better Production Routines

Dates: As Required
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

A workshop for those who want to

  • Create Operator routines that are robust, quick to develop and easy to apply,
  • Accelerate the development of operator competence and improve flexibility,
  • Highlight and deal with complex or difficult to do activities to support work simplification and standardisation,
  • Develop clear skill development paths and competency signposts,
  • Engage operators with problem prevention activities and asset care as part of the work routine.

Practical Lean Leadership For Team Leaders and Managers

Dates: As Required
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

The workshop provides operational leaders and change agents across the organisation with the lean leadership skills to accelerate progress on their lean journey as part of the day to day routine.

By the end of the workshop, delegates will understand how to surface Lean wastes as well as issues and barriers to progress, apply visualisation tools that home in on key success factors, establish realistic and achievable targets and guide teams on their journey towards them.

Lean Director 2 day Executive Team Workshop

Dates: As Required
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

Learn how to develop your lean instinct. It may not be what they teach at business school, but in the white heat of the day to day operations, influencing behaviours requires a response to events at an emotional level. Operational leaders need to develop an internal compass to be able to challenge poor practices and guide discussions about where to spend time and money on the journey to excellence.

Workshop learning goals cover

  • Learn what elite highly effective operational leaders do differently to create a proactive improvement culture.
  • Understand the wiring up behind behaviours and how exemplar organisations use this to achieve more with less.
    Know how to benchmark your organisation against industry leading performers and how to use this insight to release the full value adding potential of your organisation.
  • Develop a bespoke Lean Leadership road map to accelerate the pace of engagement, transformational change and performance improvement.

Beyond 5S - Improving Work Space Synchronicity 3 Day Workshop

Dates: As Required
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 + VAT

5S is widely used to define individual workplace layouts but its true power is in the development of synchronised islands of activity covering both material and information flows. A 3 day workshop with practical activities designed to take participants on a journey from disorganised to organised to workplace systems that support synchronicity and flow across the end to end value stream.

Workshop goals are

  • Learn how to lock in the gains of 5S
  • Understand how to engage those in the workplace with improving workflow synchronicity
  • Know how to build self managed workplace processes
  • Be able to move beyond the theory of 5S to improve all aspects of daily working.