Lean Maintenance Strategy Workshop
Dates: 3 day practical training workshop
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

This 3 day training workshop sets out how to apply Lean thinking to the maintenance activity.  The course content includes a review of current practices against Lean Maintenance benchmarks to support the development of Lean Maintenance plans that build on current practices to improve maintenance workflow, skill profiles, data analysis, process optimisation and engineering project added value.

  • Learn how current maintenance practices compare with best in class maintenance standards
  • Understand where there are gaps and how that impacts on maintenance value
  • Know how to resolve those gaps and justify actions to do so
  • Be able to develop a forward programme to deliver the gains from adopting a Lean Maintenance approach.

In addition to improving workflow and extending component life, Lean Maintenance releases Maintainer value adding potential to reduce quality defects and resource usage whilst increasing capacity and flexibility to shifts in demand.