Improvement Team Review and Coaching

Although individual training works well for simple task based skills, such as software tools or safe working practices, it isn't the best approach to developing the soft skills that are the foundations of Improvement team and Team leader capability. 

(See article on improvement leader roles)

A more effective way to develop Team and Team Leader capability is to adopt a team based training approach using practical business led projects such as: 

In addition to helping team members to integrate new learning with existing knowledge, a team based training approach helps the team to :

    • Develop a common understanding of the issues to be addressed.
    • Agree next steps
    • Develop a deeper understanding of causal factors and collate lessons learned
    • Test and refine potential solutions
    • Implement and standardise new ways of working
    • Lock in the gains.

Team based training programmes include support for: 

  1. Planning sessions to agree scope, priorities and next steps
  2. Mobilisation workshops to build awareness if the issues involved and lhow to apply relevant improvement tools
  3. Coaching to support solution development and deal with implementation issues as they arise. 

Below is an example of how these support needs occur over a 3 month workplace project cycle.  

Workplace Learning Sessions v2

Figure 1: Improvement Team Coaching Touch Points

Team Review and Coaching Support

Any individual needs time, practice and informed feedback to develop new skills.  The same goes for teams, with the added complication that team members need to develop a blend of hard and soft skills to progress from a "Know it all culture" where individuals guard knowledge to a "Learn it all" culture of shared ideas, collaboration and mutual support. 

DAK Academy Team Review and Coaching standards are summarised in the graphic below.  These are used to define current team capabilities, define the learning pathway, provide feedback and design team specific coaching plans to raise team leader and team capabilities. 

TRaC Development Steps

Figure 2: Improvement team coaching plan benchmarks

Coaching plans are built around practical projects such as those set out in the table below.  These provide real world team and team leader capability development and business led performance improvement.  The best of both worlds!

Business Improvement Challenge

A. Diagnostic Session

B. Mobilisation Training Workshop

C. Implementation Support

Breaking out of reactive maintenance

Reliability for Manufacturing Leaders

Maintenance Planning

Asset Care plans

Scaling up for growth

Reliability for Manufacturing Leaders

TPM Best Practice Implementation

Developing First Line Leadership Skills

Raising standards

Daily Management for Manufacturing Leaders

TPM Best Practice Leadership

Delivering Gains from Advanced Technology

Step out performance

Daily Management for Manufacturing Leaders

Lean Maintenance

Early Equipment Management

Figure 3 Team Review and Coaching Project Examples

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