Leaders Learning Club: Early Equipment Management

EEM Learning Club support plans provide cross functional project teams with a structured awareness and coaching programme to develop a deep collective understanding of the issues involved in delivering flawless operation from day 1 for capital projects.  The programme begins with a diagnostic of current practices against best in class benchmarks. 

That is used to align team outlook about gaps and priorities and mobilise practical steps to both deal with the gaps and raise capabilities.  This is supported by coaching plans at an individual and team level as required.

Most managers have had experience of projects which failed to deliver their promise or where costs escalated far beyond their original estimate. Research shows a common set of pitfalls which are frequently overlooked only to surface at the later stages of the project when they are difficult or even impossible to remedy.  Below are some examples. 

Early Equipment Management is a best practice approach which surfaces latent project issues early so that they can be dealt with when they are easier to resolve.  It also highlights opportunities to enhances project value so that the return on investment is enhanced. 

Finally, the standards and practices used for each EEM project are transferrable to future projects which raises internal capabilities to deliver better projects faster. 

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