Taming Technology

The Taming Technology category covers courses that deliver the LeanTPM Stability Goal. That includes "live on line" diagnostic benchmarking sessions and 2 to 3 day best practice development courses for those meeting the challenge of improving Reliability and releasing Maintenance Added Value. 

Course content includes the explanation of foundation principles, best practice examples and action planning activities to aid the transfer of lessons learned back to the workplace.

Reliability Best Practice for Manufacturing Leaders

Dates: 2 Hour session
Location: Live On Line
Cost: £250 plus VAT

This short 2 hour on-line awareness workshop is designed for between 2 and 8 people and can be customised to support manufacturing leader development, reliability status review, improvement planning or project team mobilisation.

The content provides an insight into how award winning and well respected organisations are able to systematically deliver reliable, stable operations.

Learn how to counter the traditional pressures on output and break out of the reactive manufacturing environment where there is no time to deal with the root causes of unplanned downtime even when they are understood.

The Fundamentals of Maintenance Management

Dates: 3 day training workshop
Location: In house course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

Understand the fundamental principles behind good maintenance management: Learn how to apply these to secure the safe and reliable operation of physical assets to achieve business targets. For managers, team leaders and change agents with responsibility for organising maintenance resources to achieve high levels of asset reliability and maintenance cost effectiveness.

20 reasons why people booked a place on this course.

TPM Best Practice Implementation

Dates: 3 day practical training workshop
Location: In house
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

Learn how to implement Total Productive Manufacturing principles and techniques to release the full potential of your people, procedures and work processes.

Turn theory into practice during the workshop by applying theory to assets on the factory floor using a comprehensive TPM application workbook.

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control

Dates: 25th to 27th October 2022
Location: Derby
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT - 2nd delegate half price

A 3 day training workshop designed to provide a practical insight into best practice maintenance planning, scheduling and work control. 

Includes exercises to develop a customised pro-active maintenance planning approach as a driver for year on year improvement in maintenance effectiveness.

Learn how industry leading performers systematically progress from:

  • Reactive ("fix-it-when-it-breaks") maintenance towards
  • Predictive, productive asset management ("Stabilise and extend component life, predict when to fix-it-before-it-breaks and eliminate the causes of breakdowns").

20 reasons why people booked a place on this course.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (Online Course)

Dates: As required
Location: Online In Company
Cost: £3800 up to 10 Delegates

6 session online live training programme

The course is designed to meet the needs of maintenance professionals and change agents tasked with improving maintenance performance and value for money.

The content covers the full scope of activities needed to meet the challenge of the maintenance planner role. A role that balances the needs of the business with legislative compliance requirements and asset priorities in a way that maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of the available maintenance resource.

Drafting and Reviewing Asset Care Plans

Dates: As required
Location: Online in company course
Cost: £3000 up to 10 Delegates

4 Session Online Live Training Programme

Achieving high levels of reliability requires a balance between actions to prevent deterioration and those to restore or replace component parts. This course provides participants with an understanding of best practice asset care principles and practical advice on how to apply those principles.

That includes the review of existing practices to support progress towards high levels of asset reliability and maintenance efficiency.

Maintenance Auditing Workshop

Dates: 3 day training workshop
Location: In house workshop
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

This course introduces candidates to the role of audit, how to prepare, undertake and report an audit as well as some of the one to one interview skills necessary to the role. The includes guidance on identifying Best Practice and gaps against current practice (using benchmarking as appropriate) and through example and exercises how an audit report might highlight and recommend Performance Improvement.

RCM Taking the Guesswork out of Maintenance

Dates: 3 day training workshop
Location: In house
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

RCM based maintenance policies have been successful in raising reliability, safety costs and productivity levels in a wide range of industries. This workshop explains the theory and practice of that standard using exercises and practical examples to emphasise key points.

Fundamentals of Safety Management

Dates: 3 day course
Location: In house
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

This workshop is designed to help participants to assure compliance in a way that not only prevent "accidents" but also refines ways of working so that they are easy to do right and difficult to do wrong. In turn this reduces the cost of compliance as well as improving level of added value. For everyone who wants to create and sustain a proactive safety function, that stays in control and avoids the risks of own goals.

Learn from the practices of best in class organisations who are able to manage safety, health & environmental compliance processes in a way that assures compliance but also drives out wasteful procedures, improves customer value and increases profits. These are organisations that have found out how to avoid difficult choices such as safety or production – they achieve both! Their cross functional risk based approach means that they are able to meet their legal and moral obligations without presenting a barrier to learning and improvement.

They are able to avoid the pitfalls of compliance systems which become overly bureaucratic and seem to foster the creation of petty restrictive practices.

Facilities Management

Dates: 3 day training workshop
Location: In house
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

Learn what it takes to keep multiple customers and service providers working together to keep the business-world turning. Understand how to organise and manage a facilities department as a successful "business within a business". Develop plans to raise standards and integrate function, people and place to improve the customer experience and value for money services.