Embracing Digital Technology

These training courses are for those meeting the challenge of delivering gains from Advanced Technology and Digitisation.  That includes activities to surface and deal with the barriers to improvement from legacy rules of thumb and protocols.

Delivering Advanced Technology Gains

Dates: 4 hour course
Location: Live On Line Working Session
Cost: £500 plus VAT (up to 8 delegates)

The lesson learned from successful early adopters of advanced technology is that that the biggest gains come not from the technology itself, but from the improved connectivity it provides.  This can remove traditional communication delays between functions and with it uncertainty about what can be achieved. It can also provide rapid feedback to support the application of practical actions to improve workflows.

This half day on line session is designed to raise awareness of the evolving best practice road map for delivering advanced technology gains at scale (not just pockets of improvement).  That includes

  • The building blocks of success.
  • How to avoid the common implementation pitfalls that result in pilot purgatory.
  • How to engage the workforce with delivering disruptive gains from advanced technology.

The TPM Levers to Advanced Technology Gains

Dates: As required
Location: On Line
Cost: up to 8 delegates £500

Making Sense of the Changing Landscape of Manufacturing

Technology is changing today's operating environment by linking up the physical and digital worlds to improve the way work is carried out by:

  • Highlighting the early signs of lost effectiveness,
  • Speeding up the identification of cause and effect
  • Providing rapid feedback on the application of countermeasures
  • Accelerating skill development to apply those countermeasures and confirm compliance

This half day on line working session provides delegates with a "how to guide" to multiply the gains from advanced technology by using the TPM road map to deliver year on year improvement in performance.