Getting the Basics Right

Only around 1% of organisations achieve lasting success on their journey from reactive management to proactive industry leading capabilities. Although it may seem counter intuitive, the main difference between the 1% and the rest is their grasp of Reliability and Performance Management basics.

With this understanding their leaders are able to anticipate and adapt to tipping points on that journey. They are also able to avoid the common pitfalls such as taking short term gains which constrain future progress.

For example as the causes of unplanned stoppages are removed, key performance indicators tracking downtime become less useful. Those that succeed, adapt their performance management metrics and priorities to redirect resources to driving up run time performance. Others fail because they don't recognise the need to do that and after a short period of stability, return to a downward cycle of deteriorating performance. Just like in a game of snakes and ladders, after a year or so, their downward slide means that they are faced with starting the journey again.

That is why DAK Academy has created a series of 2 hour, "live on-line" awareness training sessions setting out the building blocks of success based on the journeys of well known and award winning companies.  Two of these are featured below. 

Reliability Basics

  • The content provides an insight into how award winning and well respected organisations are able to systematically deliver reliable, stable operations. In most companies Mean Time Between Intervention on a production line to be measured in minutes. By comparison, leading organisations have mean time between intervention measured in hours if not shifts.

Performance Management Basics

  • This short on line awareness workshop provides an insight into how award winning and well respected organisations ratchet up performance. In many organisations, Performance Management time adds little new value, Leading organisations use theirs to deliver a 15-25%.annual return on time invested.

Understand where the gains come from and how to create a practical road map to deliver them.

Both courses include the use of diagnostic tools to benchmark areas of strengths and weaknesses, prioritise actions and support the application of lessons learned .

These are in company sessions for up to 8 delegates and can be used to facilitate discussions amongst those tasked with actions such as how to:

  • Identify opportunities.
  • Evaluate options.
  • Specify project scopes.
  • Mobilise plans to deliver gains.

Use these sessions:

  • As part of a training plan for developing leaders,
  • To support plan the plan discussions
  • To mobilisation activity for team embarking on an improvement project.

Both workshops provide a mix of underpinning concepts, case study material and practical application activities to accelerate personal development, support gap analysis and the guide the transfer of lessons learned back to the workplace.

The content applies to those with personal learning goals, specific projects development needs or those who want to enhance existing management processes.

DAK Academy can also provide additional "how to guidance" for key managers, team leaders and change agents to implement those plans.
Contact us for further details of how we can help your team to accelerate the pace of year on year performance improvement.