Lean Green
Dates: In house training workshop
Location: Your Plant
Cost: Call 01491 845504

Learn from a 3-year project applying a systematic Lean approach to material, energy and process wastes that delivered a payback on environmental projects of around 5-times that of traditional technology-led approach. Understand how to define a "Green" agenda with the potential to refresh and accelerate the gains from exisitng TPM, Lean and Six Sigma programmes.

Learning goals are to provide:-

  • How a targeted manufacturing cell level approach can reduce resource use by 30% to 50% and has the potential to reduce the cell mass and energy flows by 5-10%
  • How to plan and deliver a Lean and Green kaizen
  • How to engage the workforce with continuous Lean and Green thinking
  • The route map to deployment of Lean and Green to progress towards the zero-waste factory.