Lean Director 2 day Executive Team Workshop
Dates: As Required
Location: In Company Course
Cost: £4500 up to 10 Delegates

Learn how to develop your lean instinct. It may not be what they teach at business school, but in the white heat of the day to day operations, influencing behaviours requires a response to events at an emotional level. Operational leaders need to develop an internal compass to be able to challenge poor practices and guide discussions about where to spend time and money on the journey to excellence.

Workshop learning goals cover

  • Learn what elite highly effective operational leaders do differently to create a proactive improvement culture.
  • Understand the wiring up behind behaviours and how exemplar organisations use this to achieve more with less.
    Know how to benchmark your organisation against industry leading performers and how to use this insight to release the full value adding potential of your organisation.
  • Develop a bespoke Lean Leadership road map to accelerate the pace of engagement, transformational change and performance improvement.