The TPM Levers to Advanced Technology Gains
Dates: As required
Location: On Line
Cost: up to 8 delegates £500

Making Sense of the Changing Landscape of Manufacturing

Technology is changing today's operating environment by linking up the physical and digital worlds to improve the way work is carried out by:

  • Highlighting the early signs of lost effectiveness,
  • Speeding up the identification of cause and effect
  • Providing rapid feedback on the application of countermeasures
  • Accelerating skill development to apply those countermeasures and confirm compliance

These insights are also at the heart of the TPM road map.  A road map developed over 50 years to guide the delivery of zero breakdowns and year on year gains from technology. 

This half day on line working session provides delegates with a "how to guide" to multiply the gains from advanced technology by using the TPM road map to deliver year on year improvement in performance.