The Project Managers Secret Sauce: Improvement Leader Network

Research shows that Initiatives in which employees contribute to development are more than 3 times as successful as those driven top down.  Formally or informally, the backbone of these more successful improvement projects, is a network of improvement leaders who work together to overcome the challenges faced by those less successful organisations.

In addition to those in formal leadership roles such as managers and team Leaders, improvement leader networks includes planners, trainers, support functions and front line opinion shapers.  They provide a conduit to communicate the pressure for change and the role models that their peers follow to make it happen.

As technology advances, the improvement leader network will be called on to champion the transformation from linear, silo based systems to take advantage of the digital connectivity that enables a closer integration between Commercial, Operations and Process Technology functions.  The gains come from 

  • Closer feedback links to understand where the opportunities are
  • Iterative testing of ideas
  • Feedback to make the business adaptive and resilient to change
  • Meet the challenge of exploring how to reduce green house gas emissions to progress towards net zero environmental goals.

Those closest to where the value is created are the ones who will  deliver the gains from the new ecosystem so it is wise to put them in the driving seat when it comes to:

  1. Identification, review and justification of Digitisation "Use cases"
  2. Testing and proof of concept in pilot applications
  3. Changes to Asset care work routines
  4. Adopting dynamic workflows
  5. Daily management of the connected workforce
  6. Role transitions from problem solving to problem and defect prevention

 Succesful "Use Cases" include the transformation of processes such as

  • Performance management
  • Work planning, scheduling and control
  • Real time task execution
  • Work routine and task design
  • Logistics 
  • Material Control
  • New Product Design

Tapping into the internal improvement leader network is an essential part of the Project Management recipe for success.  A secret sauce for delivering flawless operation from day 1 for manufacturing projects.

That is why savy project managers put the creation and development of an internal improvement leader network at the heart of Manufacturing Project Management  best practice.