Problem Detection and the Journey to Excellence

Being able to spot the tell tale signs that something has changed and acting on it is a key enabler of the journey to excellence. 

Not only is this the capability to trigger actions that deal with issues before they become a problem it is also at the heart of learning about causal links to that support progress to process optimisation. 

To detect a problem and act on it involves

  • The insight to recognise that something has changed
  • The knowledge to guide the search for additional data to confirm that this is a problem.

Making that happen also depends on:

  • Role perception (whose job is it),
  • Outlook (am I bothered)
  • Emotional state (Am I confident about what to do next)

In other words, the person receiving the data has to

  • Have the knowledge of what to look for,
  • Be actively engaged with trying to distinguish between problems and transient fluctuations,
  • Know what to do next to confirm, deal with or contact someone who can resolve the issue.

TPM and Lean Maintenance training workshops provide Area Leaders and cross functional improvement teams with the understanding and hands on experience to develop and apply work routines that support:

  • Early problem detection and actions to systematically remove the causes of the problem,
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement.

With the right Leadership and support, small cross functional teams working on these issues as part of a weekly improvement huddle, quickly develop the insight to resolve the underlying causes of recurring problems. That releases time to progress towards zero breakdowns through problem prevention.

For those on their Digitisation journey also leads to the creation of Use Cases to make better use of existing software features or enhance current apps.

To find out more about how we can support your in house improvement programmes check out our Lean TPM training courses or contact us for further details.

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