Manufacturing Project Management Roles

Classic project management methods sidestep the need to collate internal knowledge, facilitate decision making, coordinate the part time involvement of internal resources and engage people with changing ways of working.

In the world of Manufacturing, these are all part of the Project Manager role.  A role which includes project leader, change facilitator and internal consultant. 

Nowhere is that scope more apparent than in the emerging approach to delivery of Digitisation projects which includes actions to:

  1. Develop "Use Case" concepts to match digital solutions to operational pain points
  2. Implement successful use cases on a pilot basis to prove the approach and develop policy guidelines to support the transfer of the approach at scale to other parts of the organisation
  3. Transfer the successful pilot approach to other parts of the organisation.

That involves the planning, organisation and control of workflows to:

  1. Develop realistic and achievable project scopes for projects involving learning and innovation
  2. Collate and share knowledge about problems which are not fully understood
  3. Define tests to validate/commission new assets or processes which have yet to be applied
  4. Collaborate with outside companies offering unproven but promising solutions
  5. Establish new working relationships, challenge limiting behaviours and provide a forum for learning about novel solutions to the organisation
  6. Coach direct reports past the barriers to higher levels of performance.
  7. Develop the full potential of newly formed operational teams.

It also includes the capture of lessons learned so that knowledge can be readily transferred across projects to support the development of other novel "Use cases".

Delivering this scope depends on the ability of project managers to guide those in project and operational roles through the stages of design, development and delivery.     

Something that is at the heart of Manufacturing Project Management best practice, an approach designed to engage stakeholders with new thinking to produce winning specifications and the realistic and achievable plans to deliver them.

Developed based on the practices of well known and award winning organisatons to avoid common manufacturing project pitfalls, deliver better value and achieve higher return on investment. 

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