TPM Skills to Get More From Technology

The theory is that what gets measured gets done but some things are not that easy to measure. How do you measure an organisations ability to deliver gains from new technology.

Effectiveness is a measure of how well things work.  The higher the level of effectiveness, the easier it is to do good work.

This article sets out benchmark measures of technology effectiveness and how TPM can improve skills to get more from your investment in technology. 

On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high) the table below sets out benchmarks that characterise levels of Technology Effectiveness.




Ad hoc approach to technology, buy what we need when we need it


Targeted automation/asset upgrades to process capability


Linked operational workflows/ecosystem


Linked company wide workflows/ecosystem


Linked supply chain workflows/ecosystem

Table 1: Technology Effectiveness Benchmarks

You will notice that access to the top 3 levels of technology effectiveness involve a shifts from a focus on technology around individual assets to that of linked workflows.

Here the enhanced connectivity that advanced technology provides is used to raise the effectiveness of work routines. That frees up time and scarce resources to do more in less time.

Typical this enhanced connectivity delivers step up gains of around a 30% improvement in productivity through the simplification of routine tasks and improved workflows.

Enhanced connectivity is also an enabler to drive out weaknesses in legacy systems and improve ability to adapt to changes in business drivers.  That results in:

  • Greater workforce flexibility and productivity.
  • The release of skilled resource for other duties.
  • Reduced quality defects and improved yield.
  • Reduction in training time.

Delivering these gains taps into the TPM road map to zero breakdowns and beyond using a digital backbone of apps, cloud based software and IT systems to enhance the workflows set out in the table below.

Connectivity Feature

Operational Activities

Digital Backbone App Examples

How it improves effectiveness

TPM Road Map Activities

Shared workflows

Shift handover,

Online meetings, video updates

Tracking reports/text alerts

Microsoft Teams/, Google hangout, Zoom,

Improved planning, shared priorities and cross functional problem ownership.

Small group activity,

Cross functional asset care plan coordination

Shared learning and empowerment.

Online workspace

Over the shoulder support.

Project administration

Intranet communications

Flipped learning,  Micro learning videos (YouTube)

Microsoft Teams

Project Team portals

Management of future performance, data analysis, capture insights, access to shared knowledge, Ease of engagement with medium to longer term issues

Focussed improvement tactics for reducing hidden losses

Trouble map/OEE glide path history

TPM promotion

Real time data

Work list allocation

Production status,

Alerts and  notifications



Real time data


Confirm current plans and process optimisation,  Coordinate workflows to respond to early completions and delays, highlight issues for future review.

Setting normal conditions, capture problem hot spots, develop insights, confirm conformance and capability development

Static data

Work instructions,

QR code or RFID links to asset information

Safety proximity warnings

Procedures, checklists

Technical information

Team skills profile


Content Web Site.

Gemba Docs

Presentation of data and work instructions relevant to current task and skill levels,

Plan for Every Asset covering Condition standards, work instructions and process control.

Case studies

TPM policies

SOP, Single Point Lessons, Learning plans

Work routine review calendar.

Table 2:  Connectivity Improvement Areas and Enablers

The biggest barrier to accessing those gains is a lack of understanding of:

  • TPM savvy managers about how advanced technology and its improved connectivity accelerates the delivery of improvement gains.
  • Technology specialists about how TPM focussed improvement tools can lever higher gains from advanced technology.

For those who want to find out more, check out our half day on line working session which provides delegates with a "how to guide" to multiply the gains from advanced technology by using the improved connectivity it provides to transform the reality of day-to-day operations.

Find out more here.

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