How to Develop Your Project Governance Skills

The tables below set out learning plans for project stakeholders including users who are impacted by the project delivery, Project Sponsors and Project steering team members.

Contact us if you would like details of in house training or coaching support programmes in any of these areas. A guide to further project management resources can be found in our article on delivering better projects faster.

The first table covers training topics to develop a common language and shared understanding of the project management process.  In addition setting an agenda for discussion about what to do when, progress through this learning plan also guides the identification of gaps in underpinning systems and processes so that they can be refined to secure the achievement of flawless operation from day 1.   

Table 1:  Learning Plans for All Project Stakeholders





Training Module

The Project Route

The decisions at each stage, the processes to be sure we don't miss things and the processes to prevent issues from being transferred to the next step

Milestone plan, tasks, RACI


Project Road Map

Get the right design

Concept and High Level Design tasks.

 Operations “Day in the Life of” design review.


Developing the right approach

Get the design right

Detailed Design and Pre installation tasks

Witnessed inspection and designing the training cascade


Design a robust solution

Developing insight factory readiness

Install and commission

Develop understanding and competence.

Delivering the training cascade witnessed inspection


Refine the new operation

Manage the Operations changes

Developing capability

Skill development, standardisation and compliance.


Detailed Design

Project Mindset

Team leadership, Collaboration and Decision making when data is scarce.

Facilitation principles and techniques


Concept. High Level Design, Pre-Installation Planning

The second table covers training topics relating to the project sponsor role of setting design and performance standards.  This is a leadership role responsible for communicating with and guiding project leaders and team member decisions so that they deliver design and performance management goals to meet future business needs. 

Table 2  Learning Plans for Project Sponsors and Project Governance 





Training Module

Defining equipment performance drivers

Understanding functionality, skill gaps, hidden losses and countermeasures, understanding life cycle cost drivers

Module definition, Criticality assessment,

OEE, Hidden Losses, Flow, setting targets

Module review understanding losses defining commissioning criteria


Enhancing Project Value

Using standards and checklists

Setting Design Standards to guide optioneering

Using design standards to guide decisions  when defining options and working with vendors


Designing robust solutions

Developing operational standards and checklists

How to guide design decisions and project management delivery options

Day in the Life of review and design goals.  Develop acceptable and optimum criteria


Pre Installation step

LCC cost model

Use of Life Cycle Cost models to understand cost drivers and support option evaluation.

Capital and operational cost streams with parameters for throughput, product mix and effectiveness levels.


Planning Steps