Maintenance Planners as Improvement Leaders

Research into improvement journeys of successful organisations identifies that bottom up driven improvement programmes are 3 times more effective than those purely driven top down.  The backbone of these more successful improvement activities, is an (often informal) improvement leader network.  Together they provide a conduit to reinforce proactive improvement behaviours. 

In addition to team leaders and change agents, an effective improvement leader network includes planners, trainers, quality assurance and change agents.  By nurturing that network, organisations improve access to their collective operational knowledge pool, increase shared learning and reinforce the improvement agenda as part of the daily management process. 

At the heart of this improvement network process are Maintenance Planners.  They coordinate where time is spent, capture lessons learned and adjust the rules of thumb used for future plans.

As one of the key improvement leaders, their role includes actions to:

  • Define and refine operational standards (what does good look like)
  • Identify priorities for improvement
  • Map out the improvement road map steps (Get organised, take control, get better)
  • Work with others to identify a coherent glide path between each step
  • Track progress and coordinate responses to improve future actions

Those actions systematically eliminate the causes of breakdowns and secure year on year improvement in asset reliability by creating well-designed and executed maintenance planning, scheduling and work control processes.

That improves maintenance productivity and releases engineering time to deliver full potential of operational technology.

Developing Maintenance Planners to fulfil this role is essential for those organisations that want to tap into the engagement process and accelerate year on year progress towards the full operational potential. 

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