Ratcheting Up Performance: Setting the Improvement Agenda

A characteristic of respected and award winning organisations is a clear outline vision of what the future business will look like and an annual review to reflect on progress towards that.  That way they are able to lock in lessons learned, understand barriers to progress and refocus performance drivers to remove those barriers.  The diagnostic framework set out in this newsletter was developed as part of our work with such companies to provide an agenda for discussion for improvement leaders across the organisation.  Use it to engage all levels with discussions to capture the current reality, collate ideas and develop action plans to Ratchet up Performance.  This covers the 4 performance management processes that contribute industry leading performance.  They are:

  • Setting direction,
  • Building capability,
  • Performance management
  • Execution.

Click on the articles below for more information on each process and how to benchmark your organisation against these industry leading performers