Accelerating the Pace of Improvement

Our research into the improvement journeys of well known and award winning organisations highlights:

  1. The value of using practical projects as a vehicle for improvement training. In addition to the gains delivered from the improvement activity, this accelerates the acceptance of best practice concepts into the real world environment.
  2. The most effective improvement approach is team based as this supports the development of soft skill competencies such as leadership, collaboration and teamworking.

This approach is characterised by the creation of an aligned network of improvement leaders who support the improvement process as part of their normal routines. That includes:

  • Front Line Leaders.
  • Support personnel.
  • Planners.
  • CI Managers and change agents.
  • Functional Heads, Senior managers and Project sponsors

The creation of this network is usede to aligns priorities, track progress and integrate improvement process as a part of the daily routine.

The scope of capability development for these improvement leaders covers 3 types of processes:

  1.  Application Frameworks: to assure a systematic approach to improvement such as Lean, TPM and Six Sigma. Below is a typical 3 month cycle.


 support plan modules

 The real world issues and outputs from the practical project then need to be addressed using:

  1. Change management processes: to engage the workforce with business priorities and gain their buy in to the change.
  2. Learning and compliance processes: to refine new ways of working so that they are easy to do right, difficult to do wrong and simple to learn.

The above 90 day support plans set the heart beat for programme governance of longer term improvement themes that systematically develop organisational capability in the following areas

Finding Answers that matter about:

  • Setting Direction
  • Building Capability
  • Performance management
  • Execution

Taming Technology to improve Reliability through

  • Asset Care best practice
  • Work routine design and skill development
  • Maintenance Planning

Ratchet Up Performance: Performance Management

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Problem Prevention
  • Daily Management and Front line leadership

Better Projects Faster : Project management

  • Project Governance
  • Project Leadership
  • Project Team Delivery

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