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About DAK Academy

Welcome to our web site of manufacturing improvement training for those tasked with introducing or accelerating the pace of continuous improvement in their organisation.  The course content has been developed from our consultancy work helping well known and award winning organisations to achieve year on year improvement in performance.  Courses are graded as:

  • Yellow Belt Level: Awareness and understanding of best practice. (Open courses and in house)
  • Green Belt  Level: How to apply the improvement tools and deliver improved performance (Open courses and in house)
  • In house support can be provided to develop capabilities to Black Belt Level (Able to deliver major gains and develop others to green belt standard) and  Master Black Belt Level (Able to deliver major gains and develop others to Black Belt standard.


Academy Prospectus

The DAK Training Academy provides practical training in application of improvement tools for key managers, team leaders and change agents in Maintenance, Manufacturing and Support Functions as shown below.

Maintenance Challenge: Taming Technology

Manufacturing Challenge: Raising Operational Performance

Support Challenge: Delivering Future Operations and Capabilities


Establish asset stability and resilience to current and future business needs


arrowtable Release the full potential of the cross functional operations team rocketman Manage the future operational capability and cultural development

Fundamentals of Maintenance Management

Yellow Belt Level Course

Understand the basics of reliability and how to deliver it.

Fundamentals of Safety Improvement

Yellow Belt Level Course

Making the safe way the easy way.

Engagement Skills for Managers & Team Leaders

Yellow Belt Level Course

Learn how to Engage, Motivate and manage teams that excel

Facilities Management

Yellow Belt Level Course

How to manage the base camp well.

Creating the Lean Enterprise

Yellow Belt Level Course

How to guide the journey to flexible, responsive operations.

Leading Innovation, Releasing Value

Yellow Belt Level Course

Establishing innovation as a core business process


Maintenance Audit

Green Belt Level Course

Assess current performance, priorities for improvement and a route map to increase maintenance value.

Lean Team Leader 

Green Belt Level Course

Develop your lean instincts and those of your team.


Manufacturing Project Management

Green Belt Level Course

Learn practical tools and processes for collaborative project design and delivery.

Maintenance Planning

Green Belt Level Course

 Learn how to target resources to assure reliability and manage work control.

Beyond 5S

Green Belt Level Course

Tools to synchronise shop floor processes, integrate value stream functions and develop high performance teamwork.


Early Equipment Management

Green Belt Level Course

 The roadmap to flawless operation from new assets and services.


Lean Maintenance Strategy

Green Belt Level Course

How to support Lean Manufacturing, release maintenance added value and optimise operatinall Performance.

Total Productive Maintenance

Green Belt Level Course


The steps to never ending improvement in equipment effectiveness.

Lean Office

Green Belt Level Course

Reduce unecessary meetings, improve front line decision making and improve business processes across the end to end supply chain  


Classic RCM

Green Belt Level Course

 How to understand and manage asset failure modes efficiently.

Fast-track RCM

Green Belt Level Course

Understand how to fast-track progress towards reliable robust operational processes.

 Lean is Green

Green Belt Level Course


 Engage the  organisation with improving environmental performance to produce more with less and establish a proactive improvement culture

 All workshops provide a mix of underpinning concepts, case study material and practical application activities to accelerate learning.  Course material includes detailed briefing notes so that the lessons learn’t can be more easily applied back at the workplace. Workshops are also designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and personal experiences and challenges with other participants. Prior to the workshops participants are sent a documentation to help identify personal and organisational learning goals.  Participant’s take-aways include electronic copies of key material customised implementation road map.

CPD Accreditation

DAK are always striving to ensure our customers get the most value from our training courses. A selection of our courses have been assessed and approved for formal CPD purposes with the CPD Standards Office. The rigorous assessment by the CDP Standards Office is evidence of the quality of our training workshops and our commitment to value added training. Please contact us for further information.


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