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Developing Improvement Leaders

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Training for Yellow to Black Belt Levels

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DAK Academy provides practical training for improvement leaders in organisations faced with the challenge of guiding front line, middle management and senior teams to deliver year on year improvement in performance. Course content is graded using the levels shown below to develop skills and confidence of 1. those who need a basic understanding (Yellow Belt), 2. those with the challenge of implementation (Green Belt) and 3. those who need to train others to implement improvement (Black Belt and Master Black Belt).           

The content of our courses is developed from our work as consultants with well-known and award winning organisations. This means that we are able to offer practical in house support to develop internal improvemetn networks and their leaders through the competence steps of:

  • Yellow Belt Level: Awareness and understanding of best practice. (Open courses and in house)
  • Green Belt  Level: How to apply the improvement tools and deliver improved performance (Open courses and in house)
  • Black Belt Level: Able to deliver major gains and develop others to green belt standard (in house support only)
  • Master Black Belt Level: Able to deliver major gains and develop others to Black Belt standard (in house support only) 

Training, coaching and hands on support designed for improvement leaders at all levels including:

  • Team Leaders and their teams
  • Change Agents and Subject Matter Experts;
  • Middle Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Project Managers

Challenge: Taming Technology to Improve plant performance 

  • Establish asset stability and resilience to support current and future business drivers
    • Reliability Improvement
    • Maintenance added value
    • Stabalise and optimise existing asset performance

Challenge: Raising Operational Performance

  • Release the full potential of the cross functional operations team
    • Sharing best practice;
    • Standardising cross site practices;
    • Supplier improvement.

Challenge: Supporting Business Growth and Developing New Skills

  • Manage the future operational capability and cultural development
    • Business processes
    • Capital investment 
    • Product and sercice ugrades
    • Project and Change Management
    • Rapid mobilisation

Benchmark/Audit your current programme

·         Assessment of current Lean, TPM or 6 Sigma programme status against world class improvement road map milestones or internal corporate benchmarks;

·         Audit of CI programme effectiveness at shop floor, first line and senior management levels to identify skill gaps

·         Help your team to accelerate progress to the next CI/organisational benchmark level.