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  • The DAK Training Academy provides practical training in the application of improvement tools for key managers, team leaders and change agents. In addition to our "open" workshops, DAK offer in-house customised programme's that will fit the needs of individual organisations. Give us a call today and let us help you to develop organisations improvement leaders with a blend of in house training, coaching and hands on support.  Its completely free with no obligation.

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Leading Innovation and Releasing Value Workshop

Location: Manchester
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT

NEW COURSE! Innovation is the main force behind corporate renewal and growth. In today’s rapidly changing business environment creating the conditions for Innovation has become an essential factor in success.  This course is designed to help you to release the innovative potential of yourself, your team and your organisation.  2nd delegate half price!

Companies that are able to get their Innovation act together outperform those who are unskilled in managing innovation. By connecting the Innovation dots of insight, opportunity and operational capabilities new and highly relevant value is released.

Leading organisations have learned that the creation of a robust innovation "engine" requires the collaboration of the entire company. That means that in addition to the traditional targets of new product and service development, Innovation success depends on the ability to collaborate across functional and company boundaries through the entire supply chain.

This course is designed to help you to release the innovative potential of yourself, your team and your organisation.  The content is designed to help you to learn

  • How to... develop breakthrough insights that your customers (internal and external) will love.
  • How to... align key stakeholders to collaborate in the delivery of new thinking.
  • How to... equip teams with an innovation mind-set and practical tools to release new value.
  • How to... deliver superior returns through innovation.
  • How to... establish innovation as a habit across the organisation.

Every manager and team leader needs to be able to lead in a way that encourages innovative thinking to release the full potential of themselves, their team, organisation and business network.

That is because, Innovation occurs most often at the boundary edges of functional awareness. This is where novel links made between current products, services or processes to release new value and advantage.

And innovation occurs in increasingly diverse ways and at different scales from incremental to radical and disruptive.

Products like the iPhone and services like next day delivery are examples of innovative uses of ideas and technologies which were already in use elsewhere.  In fact, even the ideas were not new when they were introduced.

Getting these winning ideas to market and making them commercially successful required significant innovative drive from the customer facing, operations and technology people of the organisations involved.

Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for:

  • Managers and Team Leaders who recognise the value of innovation leadership as a way of engaging their peers and direct reports with new ideas.
  • Those tasked with developing their company's innovation "engine" to support improved product and service offerings.
  • Change agents tasked with delivering new thinking and engagement of stakeholders to support performance improvement such as:
  1. Industry leading sales, profits, and profitability.
  2. Increased Customer/stakeholder satisfaction
  3. Creating a great work environment and proactive improvement culture.

Following the workshop, delegates will be able to immediately deploy tools, techniques and arguments for organising a business for greatly improved innovation outcomes.

DAY 1 - Pillars of Growth:

Develop a solid understanding of the essential individual and organisational requirements for fostering a creative environment that delivers new and valuable propositions.


  • Understand and explore alternative types of Innovation.
  • Identify relevant future trends and methods for gaining strong insights to enhance the customer value proposition.
  • How to assess personal and team Innovation and creative capabilities.
  • Understand the mind-set required for growth and Innovation.
  • Understand the organization Innovation Maturity to address capability gaps.

DAY 2 -Ideas to Reality:

From Strategy to Execution Innovation requires that the need of the user is identified, developed and launched to release the value.  Also, organisations must develop a resonant innovation mission and strategy to make innovation repeatable and choose where to play in the market.

Understand and use the innovation toolkit to develop insights for recognising and shaping new opportunities and winning ideas from the "Job to be Done" to StageGateTM.

  • Explore and Understand the Scales of Innovation – from Incremental to Radical and Disruptive.
  • Develop and use a creative process to deal with fuzzy information and translate it to actionable outcomes.
  • Learn how to increase the chances of success with new ideas by developing portfolios of ideas.
  • Create a 4-stage Innovation system to take away and make innovation a habit.

DAY 3 - Building an Innovation Engine:

Create an organization that removes obstacles and makes it easier to do new things well. Apply the Growth Engine FrameworkTM as a way of repeatedly realising new value and build a culture of Innovation and renewal.

Built on systems thinking, understand the 6 core components of an Innovation Engine and the interplay between them.

  • Strategy that guides the organization and its people every day and balances operational efficiency for today and creativity for tomorrows innovation.
  • Organization that makes innovation flow.
  • Leadership that unlocks the creative potential of its people.
  • Toolkits that act as a common language for managing innovation.
  • Partnerships that enhance Open Innovation and business results.
  • Culture that serves the innovation mission.
  • Create and plan for taking committed action back at the workplace that is SMART and engaging.

Workshop Leader :

Rob Munro, Principal Consultant specialises in helping businesses build better and more innovative organizations.

He developed the Growth Engine FrameworkTM as a way of guiding businesses in that endeavour.Rob has a background in leading innovation in blue-chip multinationals and developing new ventures.  He holds an MBA from Manchester Business School which focussed on innovation management and organization in particular on Open Innovation and collaboration.

He now works with funded start-ups, growth SMEs and corporate new ventures in the manufacturing, process, energy, education and health sectors on strategy, technology and execution issues and is partner at innovation support working with organizations on optimising early stage innovation processes.

Cost - £1150 + VAT

Includes all workshop materials and takeaways, lunch and refreshments over the 3 days.