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  • The DAK Training Academy provides practical training in the application of improvement tools for key managers, team leaders and change agents. In addition to our "open" workshops, DAK offer in-house customised programme's that will fit the needs of individual organisations. Give us a call today and let us help you to develop organisations improvement leaders with a blend of in house training, coaching and hands on support.  Its completely free with no obligation.

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Fundamentals of Safety Improvement

Location: Hook, Hampshire
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT

This workshop is designed to help participants to assure compliance in a way that not only prevent "accidents" but also refines ways of working so that they are easy to do right and difficult to do wrong. In turn this reduces the cost of compliance as well as improving level of added value. For everyone who wants to create and sustain a proactive safety function, that stays in control and avoids the risks of own goals.


Learn from the practices of best in class organisations who are able to manage safety, health & environmental compliance processes in a way that assures compliance but also drives out wasteful procedures, improves customer value and increases profits. These are organisations that have found out how to avoid difficult choices such as safety or production – they achieve both! Their cross functional risk based approach means that they are able to meet their legal and moral obligations without presenting a barrier to learning and improvement. They are able to avoid the pitfalls of compliance systems which become overly bureaucratic and seem to foster the creation of petty restrictive practices.

This course will introduce the features of a safety, heath and environmental management system which will deliver excellence. An auditing methodology framework will be discussed.

Topics covered

  • Understanding safety, health & environmental risks
  • Basic safety questions
  • Setting compliance standards
  • Protection, procedures and behaviours
  • Assessment of safety, health and environmental systems
  • Improving the safety, health & environmental system performance
  • Legal obligations
  • Learning from experience and prevention
  • International safety rating scheme
  • Ways of working and standards
  • Behaviours/outlook
  • Underpinning systems
  • Identifying risks, system gaps and wasted effort
  • Defining improvement priorities and tactics
  • Cross functional accountabilities
  • Measuring safety performance
  • Organising the compliance function
  • Assuring standards
  • Improving compliance systems performance (value and cost)

Who Should Attend?

The course provides managers, leaders and change agents with a structured framework to reinforce compliance behaviours, refine underpinning systems and at the same time improve productivity and safety performance. It will also benefit recently or soon to be appointed managers, engineers, supervisors and technicians whose role includes assuring the safety of others. Previous delegates have come from a range of industries including oil & gas, utilities, chemicals, defence, manufacturing and food processing.

Course Leader - Paul Wheelhouse

Paul is a Chartered Electrical Engineer, member of the Institute of Electrical Technology and council member of the Institute of Asset Management. He is also a visiting lecturer at Manchester University where he lectures on both MSc and MBA programmes.

Cost - £1150 + VAT

This cost includes all workshop materials, takeaways, lunch and refreshments over the 3 days. Accommodation can be arranged on request.