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In-house Training
  • The DAK Training Academy provides practical training in the application of improvement tools for key managers, team leaders and change agents. In addition to our "open" workshops, DAK offer in-house customised programme's that will fit the needs of individual organisations. Give us a call today and let us help you to develop organisations improvement leaders with a blend of in house training, coaching and hands on support.  Its completely free with no obligation.

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Engagement Skills For Managers & Team Leaders

Location: Hook, Hampshire
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT

NEW COURSE! The aim of this interactive three-day workshop is for managers and team leaders to learn how to develop the practical skills to systematically engage their direct reports with the challenge of change and improve collaboration with colleagues and partner organisations. The outcome will be more robust and resilient working relationships which deliver higher levels of performance. 


Who should attend?

The workshop content is designed to help Managers and Team Leaders who have
been tasked with improving performance through their teams.

It is also relevant for key personnel engaged in cross functional teams, change agents, factilitators and improvement leaders who are tasked with releasing the full potential of their organisation and supply chain.

Managers of outsourced services would benefit also from this course.

DAY 1 - Introduction

  • Listening to understand
  • The skills and behaviours which will enable effective listening to take
  • place.
  • Engagement and communication styles
  • How to engage the thinking of others, the differences between the two
  • styles, and knowing when each is appropriate.
  • Creating rapport
  • Engagement through mutual recognition and respect. Techniques
  • enabling managers to fully connect with their people.
  • Paradigms
  • Understanding the necessity, and being open and ready for change.

DAY 2 - Challenging and Building Questioning techniques

  • A new paradigm. A natural and effective style to engage others and
  • stretch their thinking.
  • Appropriate silence
  • How to enhance impact, gravitas and engagement.
  • Irritators and softeners
  • Being conscious of, and eliminating those aspects that undermine
  • assertive communication.
  • The Three Key Principles
  • Enhance or at least maintain self-esteem.
  • Listen and respond with empathy.
  • Engage and involve others.
  • Feedback motivation and shaping behaviour
  • Communicating feedback to motivate and inspire people to either repeat
  • successful behaviours or improve unsatisfactory performance.

Gravitas - Creating Impact

  • People with higher levels of gravitas tend to be
  • noticed, listened to, respected, and followed. Gravitas is closely related
  • to assertiveness and charisma in that it conveys confidence and
  • authenticity. It enables us to influence and inspire others.

Day 3 - Taking Practical Steps

One-to-one meetings

  • The optimum purpose, duration, frequency, content, engagement, and
  • preparation required to be able to conduct an effective one-to-one
  • meeting.

Team meetings

  • The optimum purpose, duration, frequency, content, engagement,
  • preparation required, and facilitation skills required to run an effective
  • and inspiring team meeting.

Engagement through coaching

  • The fundamental concept of Coaching and an opportunity for delegates
  • to experience the process.

Setting objectives and goals

  • How to engage and coach others to get them to buy into objectives and
  • inspire them to achieve their goals.

Handling complaints and other conflict situations

  • How to deal effectively with conflict, complaints and other stressful
  • interactions whilst appropriately managing emotions.
  • Difficult discussions
  • How to address conduct or performance issues using an appropriate
  • structure and style whilst maintaining self-esteem and motivation.

Developing a practical 90 day action plan

  • Defining a realistic and achievable 12 month outcome.
  • Delivering results.

Review of the Workshop
Benefits, Concerns, Q&A.

Course Leader - Russ Baleson, expert at designing and facilitating training that supports behavourial change.

"Russ's ability to engage, involve inspire and ultimately influence performance is unparalleled. It is driven by an attention to detail in planning and a desire to thoroughly understand the needs of every delegate. I would recommend Russ to anyone who wants to witness the difference a great coach can make to the performance of either an individual or a group." Nick Ferns - Business Leader, Apple.

"One of the best trainers I have ever worked with and one of the most inspirational people I have met" David Milledge - Sales Manager - Neopost.

Cost : £1150 + VAT

Includes all workshop materials, lunch and refreshments over the 3 days.