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Developing Improvement Leaders

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Training to Black Belt Level
  • DAK Academy provides practical training for improvement leaders in organisations faced with the challenge of guiding front line, middle management and senior teams to deliver year on year improvement in performance. Course content is graded using the levels shown below to develop skills and confidence of 1. those who need a basic understanding (Yellow Belt), 2. those with the challenge of implementation (Green Belt) and 3. those who need to train others to implement improvement (Black Belt and Master Black Belt).           

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Lean Director 2 day Executive Team Workshop

Date: In House Training Workshop
Location: In house
Cost: Call for details

Learn how to develop your lean instinct.  It may not be what they teach at business school, but in the white heat of the day to day operations, influencing behaviours requires a response to events at an emotional level.  Operational leaders need to develop an internal compass to be able to challenge poor practices and guide discussions about where to spend time and money on the journey to excellence.

Workshop learning goals cover

  • Learn what elite highly effective operational leaders do differently to create a proactive improvement culture. 
  • Understand the wiring up behind behaviours and how exemplar organisations use this to achieve more with less. 
  • Know how to benchmark your organisation against industry leading performers and how to use this insight to release the full value adding potential of your organisation.
  • Develop a bespoke Lean Leadership road map to accelerate the pace of engagement, transformational change and performance improvement.

This workshop is designed to improve your ability to join the dots between theory and practice by learning from the experiences of exemplar organisations and the habits of effective lean leaders. Participants will learn how to confront the current reality with confidence so that they can guide colleagues and direct reports to excellence.

Why attend the Workshop

  • Fill in the gaps in your understanding cut through the jargon, and understand how exemplar organisations to achieve industry leading levels of performance.
  • Learn how to to create a proactive improvement culture.
  • Understand the wiring up behind behaviours and how to accelerate the pace of improvement.
  • Know how to benchmark your organisations against industry leading performers and use this insight to home in on areas to create a cycle of success, opportunity and advantage.  

Day 1:  

  • Introduction to improvement theory and the building blocks of success for Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and TPM.  This includes a short benchmarking exercise to position your organisation against the behaviours of industry leading performers.
  •  Team based exercises using a manufacturing simulation to illustrate the front line reality and how continuous improvement works in practice.   Lessons are drawn from the practical exercises provide an insight into:
    • Getting the job done better
      • Confronting the current reality
      • Raising standards of daily management
      • Effective use of 5S/CANSO
      • Short interval control
      • Setting Operations team improvement accountabilities
    • Improving flow and flexibility
      • Workflow management/visual management
      • Value stream mapping
      • Standardisation


  • Raising cost effectiveness
    • Identifying improvement potential;
    • Cause/Effect analysis, getting to root cause
    • Cross functional project governance
    • A3 Coaching
    • Setting Technical function improvement accountabilities
  • Preparing for the future
    • Setting the improvement leadership agenda
    • Developing improvement leaders
    • Developing the change master plan
    • Setting management and support function improvement accountabilities
  • Action Planning
    • Achieving top team consensus
    • Developing a practical easy to translate leadership vision
    • Developing a realistic and achievable 12 month programme

Workshop Leaders

The workshop is led by Dennis McCarthy and Ian Weare.

Dennis McCarthy 

Author of 2 books on continuous improvement, his career includes positions in both general management and consultancy. Described by one senior international manager as a true "Sensei of change", he has guided continuous improvement programmes ranging in size from small single site applications to company-wide multi-site transformation programmes. This has included support for well-respected and award winning companies such as 3M, Ford, General Motors, GE, IKEA, Heineken and Johnson Matthey across Europe, India, USA, China and Japan.

Ian Weare

Ian's early career for a leading automotive component supplier included roles as engineer, team leader, manager and change agent. This has provided the practical foundations for his success as a coach and advisor to global industry leaders including BP, Coca Cola and Honda. He has developed a unique set of learning and skill development tools to explain difficult concepts whilst having fun. His challenging but supportive approach combines relevant theory with practical activities to develop insight and confidence to act.