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Training to Black Belt Level
  • DAK Academy provides practical training for improvement leaders in organisations faced with the challenge of guiding front line, middle management and senior teams to deliver year on year improvement in performance. Course content is graded using the levels shown below to develop skills and confidence of 1. those who need a basic understanding (Yellow Belt), 2. those with the challenge of implementation (Green Belt) and 3. those who need to train others to implement improvement (Black Belt and Master Black Belt).           

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DAK Academy Courses

The DAK Training Academy provides practical training in application of improvement tools for key managers, team leaders and change agents.  All workshops provide a mix of underpinning concepts, case study material and practical application activities to accelerate learning.  Course material includes detailed briefing notes so that the lessons learned can be more easily applied back at the workplace. Participant's take aways include electronic copies of key material and a customised implementation road map.

All our workshops include sessions to encourage the exchange of ideas and personal experiences and challenges with other participants.

Course title: Fast-track RCM 2 Day Training Workshop

Date: 6-7 February 2018
Location: Coventry
Cost: £795.00 + VAT - 2nd delegate half price

Traditional preventive maintenance practices can fail to deliver consistently high plant performance because they do not consider all factors which can adversely impact on plant performance.  Fast-Track RCM uses the same rigorous logic as Classical RCM but covers the development of counter measures to all equipment failure modes including set up, performance and the impact of production processes. 

20 reasons why people booked a place on this course!

Course title: Certified Lean Maintenance Strategy Workshop

Date: 6th - 8th March 2018
Location: Evesham, Worcestershire
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT - 2nd delegate half price

Learn how to develop a practical proactive maintenance strategy to support Lean manufacturing, TPM or Six Sigma improvement goals. Participants complete a 7 Step Lean Maintenance Review of current practices and develop a customised maintenance improvement plan to progress towards a "zero breakdowns" maintenance culture and optimised asset performance. A road map to cost effective, value adding maintenance for maintenance leaders and change agents. 24 CPD points awarded with this course.

At the heart of a Lean Maintenance Strategy are 5 areas of maintenance added value.

Course title: Manufacturing Project Management Training

Date: 10-12 April 2018
Location: Evesham, Worcestershire
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT

Project Management for Improvement Leaders concerned with getting buy in, delivering benefits and sustaining improvement from Manufacturing and Engineering Projects. Unlike generic Project Management training with their emphasis on managing contractual arrangements, this course is designed to meet the needs of the managers, team leaders and engineers delivering small and medium sized project scopes.


Course title: Certified Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control

Date: 24-26 April 2018
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT - 2nd delegate half price

An intensive training workshop designed to provide a practical insight into best practice maintenance planning, scheduling and work control.  Learn how a pro-active planning approach with relevant and feedback can become a driver for year on year improvement. 24 CPD Points awarded with this course.

 20 reasons why people booked a place on this course.

Course title: Certified TPM Green Belt Level "Hands On" Training

Date: 8-10 May 2018
Location: Basingstoke, Hampshire
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT - 2nd delegate half price

Learn how to apply Total Productive Manufacturing principles and techniques to release the full potential of your people, procedures and work processes. Turn theory into practice using our structured Asset Improvement Plan workshop to apply lessons learn't to production assets live factory floor.  24 CPD Points awarded with this course. The workshop includes practical activities on the LG Motion shop floor.  (Personalised coaching support  can also be provided post workshop for those who want to achieve full Black Belt  Level certification)

20 reasons why people booked a place on this course.

Course title: Certified The Fundamentals of Maintenance Management

Date: 5th-7th June 2018
Location: Hook, Hampshire
Cost: £1150.00 + VAT - 2nd delegate half price

Understand the fundamental principles behind good maintenance management: Learn how to apply these to secure the safe and reliable operation of physical assets to achieve business targets. For managers, team leaders and change agents with responsibility for organising maintenance resources to achieve high levels of asset reliability and maintenance cost effectiveness. 24 CPD Points awarded with this course.

20 reasons why people booked a place on this course.

Course title: Beyond 5S - Improving Work Space Synchronicity 3 Day Workshop

Date: In House Training Workshop
Location: Your Plant
Cost: £4500 + VAT

5S is widely used to define individual workplace layouts but its true power is in the development of synchronised islands of activity covering both material and information flows.  A 3 day workshop with practical activities designed to take participants on a journey from disorganised to organised to workplace systems that support synchronicity and flow across the end to end value stream.

Workshop goais are

  • Learn how to lock in the gains of 5S
  • Understand how to engage those in the workplace with improving workflow synchronicity
  • Know how to build self manageed workplace processes
  • Be able to move beyond the theory of 5S to improve all aspects of daily working.

Course title: Early Equipment Management

Date: In House Training Workshop
Location: In house
Cost: Call 01491 845504

Learn how to improve return on investment from capital projects for new or upgraded assets. Also known as Maintenance Prevention, the workshop explains how to manage the specification, procurement and installation process to secure easy to use and maintain assets which are intrinsically safe, reliable and flexible to customer demands. For business sponsors, project managers, team members and change agents tasked with the delivery of capital projects or new product/services.

Learning goals for the workshop are to:

  • Raise awareness of maintenance prevention principles and techniques – why it is important and how it builds on existing CI and engineering best practice.
  • Explain how to set MP standards and use them to identify weak components/mechanisms and improve equipment design to deliver low asset life cycle costs.
  • Help participants to translate knowledge into a form which supports equipment design and procurement decisions.
  • Incorporate MP standards into equipment specification, procurement
  • Implementation programmes to reduce equipment life cycle costs and enhance project value 

Course title: Engagement Skills For Managers & Team Leaders

Date: In House Training Workshop
Location: In house
Cost: Call 01491 845504

The aim of this interactive three-day workshop is for managers and team leaders to learn how to develop the practical skills to systematically engage their direct reports with the challenge of change and improve collaboration with colleagues and partner organisations. The outcome will be more robust and resilient working relationships which deliver higher levels of performance. 

Workshop goals are to help 

  • Managers and Team Leaders who have been tasked with improving performance through their teams.
  • Those tasked with releasing the full potential of cross functional teams and supply chain networks.
  • Managers of outsourced services tasked with improving vendor performance.

Course title: Facilities Management

Date: In House Course
Location: In house
Cost: Call 01491 845504

Learn what it takes to keep multiple customers and service providers working together to keep the business-world turning. Understand how to organise and manage a facilities department as a successful "business within a business". Develop plans to raise standards and integrate function, people and place to improve the customer experience and value for money services.

Workshop learning goals are to 

  • Understand the basic elements of facilities management
  • Learn what best practices are available and best suitable for implementation in their organisation
  • Understand how to draw up a maintenance concept and maintenance plan
  • Learn how to implement and use facility management information systems (FMIS)
  • Learn how to monitor performance and improve results.
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