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  • Date: 17th October 2017 and 18th October 2017

    Regional 1 day Fast-track RCM seminars (Midlands: Leicester, South and South East: Cheshunt)

    Does your equipment let you down at critical times?  Do you suffer from poor equipment uptime and low OEE?   Are you making the most of your engineering resources? 

    How do you identify what engineers and operators need to understand to get the best out of your assets?

    How can you make visible the areas of operator human error that contribute to accelerated wear rates and premature component failure?

    What types of failures are inherent in the equipment design and how can you minimise the impact of these failures?  Where could condition based maintenance help?

    Where should you use condition based maintenance and where should intrusive maintenance regimes be avoided? How much time could you free up for more value adding work?  

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  • Date: 31st October-2nd November 2017

    Learn how to develop a practical proactive maintenance strategy to support Lean manufacturing, TPM or Six Sigma improvement goals. Participants complete a 7 Step Lean Maintenance Review of current practices and develop a customised maintenance improvement plan to progress towards a "zero breakdowns" maintenance culture and optimised asset performance. A road map to cost effective, value adding maintenance for maintenance leaders and change agents. 24 CPD points awarded with this course.

    At the heart of a Lean Maintenance Strategy are 5 areas of maintenance added value.

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  • Date: 14th-16th November 2017

    Project Management for Improvement Leaders concerned with getting buy in, delivering benefits and sustaining improvement from Manufacturing and Engineering Projects. Unlike generic Project Management training with their emphasis on managing contractual arrangements, this course is designed to meet the needs of the managers, team leaders and engineers delivering small and medium sized project scopes.


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In-house Training

  • In-House Training

    The DAK Training Academy provides practical training in the application of improvement tools for key managers, team leaders and change agents. In addition to our "open" workshops, DAK offer in-house customised programme's that will fit the needs of individual organisations. Give us a call today and let us help you to develop organisations improvement leaders with a blend of in house training, coaching and hands on support.  Its completely free with no obligation.

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  • Early Equipment Management / Maintenance Prevention


    Most managers have had experience of projects which failed to deliver their promise or where costs escalated farbeyond their original estimate.  Research shows that root causes are most frequently traced back to the early project stages. This newsletter explains how Early Equipment Management deals with potential project risks and supports the delivery of enhanced project value, on time, on budget.


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